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Alimentaria 2008 – Events – Artichokes

First of all, I want to appologize because I’m being late to all your blogs! Sorry, I’ve had a very busy week. I’ll try to get in the track again. But it won’t be next week because I’m going to assist to ALIMENTARIA 2008.

This is like the BIG International Event on Food/gastronomy/drinks/heavyduty Spanish products and so. It takes place on a year basis in Barcelona. Fira de Barcelona is hosting the Event with a spread of 130.000 m2, 155.000 expected visits and over 5000 companies. Click on the icon and get more info if you wish.

There will be different areas for each concept: for example the space for Meat (where Iberian Acorn ham will be the star for sure!). A space for Olives and olive oil, a space for drinks and wines, for lactics… a total of 15 theme based areas.

There will also be seminars on different country market trends, food, gastronomy, mediterranean diet and more. There will be a contest on the International best “seconds” chefs. New products that still are not in the market will be shown there for the first time. There will be a space called Innoval where we will see the Future’s shop/market place…. Tones of new information!!!!

I’m really excited about it, my parents will be “babysitting” all week long so that I can go there every day during the next week. I will keep you informed about all the things I’ll see, taste and smell, so pleaseeeeee be patient with me and I’ll be your senses in Alimentaria 2008. Promise to be back with delicious new posts!!!

Secondly – EVENTS : My friend Val from More than a burnt toast has WON the LeftoverQueen’s Joust!!!!! She presented a beautiful y apetitoso dish with the 3 ingredients of the month: citrus, pork and pink or white pepper Citrus-spice-rubbed baby back ribs….. and she will get the famous APRON that the Queen generously gives as a prize to the winner!!!!! Congratulations Val!!!! :D

Go and take a look at her recipe, she deserves the prize. This is how the ribs looked, now go to her place for the recipe!

And the third item today are ARTICHOKES. I saw this great recipe on artichokes at Pixie’s blog: You say tomatoe I say tomatoe, and since I love artichokes couldn’t resist the temptation and got her recipe and cooked them. They were sooooooo good!!! Here you have the picture I took before we devored them… Mmmmmmmm. I followed the recipe but instead of adding the tomatoe and rest of veggies to the water, I let the water evaporate and when their bottoms started to stuck to the pot, I turned the heat off. Please go to Pixie’s blog for great recipes. Her family roots are Maltesse and she has performed some maltesse recipes too!!! Thanks Pixie :D


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03/07/2008 · 18:07 h by Heather

Yum artichokes! I’m growing artichokes in my front yard this year (cardoons, too)!

Núria, don’t worry about all of us, just take it easy if you’re busy. :) I’m also glad that your little Boleta is healthy.

03/07/2008 · 18:09 h by Pixie

What an exciting event, hope you have a wonderful time! Thanks for the mention and your kind words. I’m so glad it went well for you and you enjoyed them!!! thanks again sweetie

03/07/2008 · 21:28 h by Peter G

Alimentaria sounds fantastic nuria…hope you have a wonderful time. And thank you for another artichoke recipe chica…

03/08/2008 · 2:43 h by bee

there’s something for you at jugalbandi.

03/08/2008 · 14:46 h by Ivy

Hi Nuria, So you have been away as well my friend so have I and still can’t catch up with all the friends to visit and I have so many things to write. How lucky you are to be part of this big exhibition. We shall be awaiting for you to tell us all about it.

03/09/2008 · 0:06 h by Bellini Valli

Thank you for all the kind words Nuria. I was very happy to win the event this month:D You’re such a sweetie:D The 3 ingredients I chose are very popular in the southern hemisphere:D so it is a challenge to find a dish to bring to the table. I also coveted Pixie’s artichoke dish as well. Keep up the great work and enjoy the week long event!!!!

03/09/2008 · 16:47 h by Núria

Muchas gracias Heather! I know I can count on you when I’m back… I will have lots of new things to tell you :D
Thanks for your Boleta’s concern!

Thanks Pixie! If you have more recipes on Artichokes, then I’m the first in the row!!! :D

Hola Peter. I will play the reporter ;-) and tell you about it!!!


Thanks sweet Ivy. Take it easy… I will too!!! Be back with lots of delicious and juicy news about Alimentaria!

Thanks Val! I’ll be back soon :D

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