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ALIMENTARIA – International participation – Human-vultures and other species

This last Friday I visited Alimentaria at Gran Via's site. The fair is sooooo big that it has been divided into two huge Areas: Monday I visited the Plaza España fair and Friday I went to Gran Via. It's a new business space in Barcelona... some ...


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ALIMENTARIA – Intercarn and Restaurama

Imagine you are an ant and you slowly raise your head and look up and see the huge jungle...Imagine you are a nun or a priest and you suddenly open your eyes inside the Notre Dame Cathedral...Imagine you are a young tourist and you are in ...


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Alimentaria 2008 – Events – Artichokes

First of all, I want to appologize because I'm being late to all your blogs! Sorry, I've had a very busy week. I'll try to get in the track again. But it won't be next week because I'm going to assist to ALIMENTARIA 2008.This is like ...

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