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ALIMENTARIA – International participation – Human-vultures and other species

This last Friday I visited Alimentaria at Gran Via’s site. The fair is sooooo big that it has been divided into two huge Areas: Monday I visited the Plaza España fair and Friday I went to Gran Via. It’s a new business space in Barcelona… some months ago you couldn’t get in there, it was getting build and there was a big traffic mess, but now it’s beautifully set: huge avenues and green areas and high buildings are giving shape to one of the future most important Barcelona’s business places.

It was a pity I went there on Friday because everybody was either tired and wanted to go back home quickly or they just made a great business and didn’t need to stay in the fair until the last minute. The fair was supposed to end by 15:00 and by 13:00 nearly everybody was packaging and getting things ready for their departures.

This time I was able to meet a rare specimen that was all over the place… the Human-vulture!!! I was astonished to see how this kind of people would go around all the fair’s stands begging and filling their huge bags with food, they didn’t seem to get enough with just one piece… they wanted all!!! See all these women at the Cyprus stand! I just couldn’t see the products… couldn’t get nearer… I was afraid one of their talons would hurt me ;-)

The poor guys couldn’t go faster, placed their products on the table and a second after they were inside a human-vulture bag!!! 2 Minutes and the stand was empty!

Sorry, Ivy! Couldn’t get the chance to see any of your country products!!!

I was a bit luckier when visiting the North America’s stands, of course the organic and ecologic food had an important space there, but I got stucked in the legume’s space… an amazing spread of coloured legumes showed and a nice big belly middle aged man asked me to have a taste to their garbanzos and beans. They tasted great! I would have a problem to differenciate American’s from Spanish products…

This experience has been a great help to understand some of the words and legumes some of you use in your recipes. First time I heard an American call garbanzo a chickpea, I thought he/she might have some Spanish influences, but here I saw that in the States are simply called same way we do!

See first picture on the left? See those black lentils? They are Beluga Caviar lentils, isn’t that a great name for a legume? And the red chief lentils, don’t they have a beautiful colour?

Looked behind my back and didn’t see any human-vultures near, so I continued my visit ;-)

The Greek stand was also getting ready to leave the fair but I could get a glimpse to some of their typical products: their famous yogourth, some biscuits (done with ouzo! a word that I continuously listen in some of my greek foodiefriends blogs) and olive oil.

The Chinesse stands were all empty, Belgian, Italian and Mexican looked half empty too!!! Oh my good! Maybe the specimens should be called Velociraptors instead!!! Do you recognize any of these butts? Oooohhhh I should get out of here soon!!!

Some of them have mutated already and get wheeled carts…

The Mexicans are taking the last Tequila shots to get some extra courage… but the end is near, Velociraptors are now all over and they are just not having enough with the food in the stands they are starting to smell humans’ fear…

Aawwwwgghh I see the entrance doors… I’m so near, but I’m listening to these weird steps behind me…. OMG will I be able to write about Spanish Oils, Wines, Organic food, Cooks demos?… I’m getting there… but these steps are getting nearer… I’m fainting, didn’t have a bite for long now…


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03/16/2008 · 17:55 h by Pixie

Enjoyed reading about your trip, sounds like you had a lot of fun! Such a wonderful selection of foods, my head would start to spin with pleasure!

03/16/2008 · 20:33 h by Ivy

What a pity Nuria, you didn’t get to try some of the Cypriot products. Hope that you had a terrific time though and maybe next year you shall try some.

03/16/2008 · 20:34 h by katiez

I went to a food fair years ago in Minneapolis – not nearly as big or as international, but it was still wonderful.
This one appears beyond wonderful – how lucky to be able to attend.
Did you grab some legumes before the vultures came?

03/16/2008 · 22:47 h by Emiline

Wow, this sounds like a lot of fun. Loved all of the pictures…except the lady butts.

03/16/2008 · 22:58 h by Bellini Valli

This would be quite the event to visit . I would have been hanging out for several days:D

03/17/2008 · 3:58 h by Ben

It sounds like it was a great fair. Too bad you just were there for the last part of it, the human vulture snatching :D

Here in Ohio we don’t have anything like that, but in Mexico City we had the largest market in the world (that feeds 25 million people) and your pics kinda reminded me of it (of course Gran Via is first world)

Next time we’ll go together ;)

03/17/2008 · 8:49 h by Núria

Hola Pixie! Yeah it was fun but a pitty that everybody was ready to leave before the end of the fair.

Hola Ivy! Yes, couldn’t even get a glance. Next time, it will be the first stand I go to ;-)

Hi Katie, I’m kind of shy and if they don’t offer me, I normally don’t ask… awghhh I know I should have to… they were really tasty!!!

Emiline, I hate it when people behaves this way!

Hola Val, that was my plan too, but my daughter was sick for a couple of days and I had to be home to attend her… that’s what happens all the time with kids ;-)

Hey Ben! I take your word… Next time we go together!!!! :D

03/17/2008 · 15:33 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

This sounds like sooooo much fun Nuria! A food frenzy to be sure, though, huh? ;)

03/17/2008 · 21:23 h by Katy

hilarious — and the “beluga caviar” title ALMOST makes me forget that i really dislike lentils. looks like you had fun!!

03/19/2008 · 3:09 h by Heather

Bwahaha! I love how you call all the greedy ladies vultures and velociraptors! You have such a funny sense of humor, Suavecita! :D

I would love to visit a place like Alimentaria. It sounds exactly like what I want to do on my vacations!

03/19/2008 · 19:11 h by Núria

Hola Jenn, yeah it was fun, but I must be getting old… 5 days after and my back still aches, ups!

He, he, so glad you had fun reading it, Katy!

Hola Heather, I’ll invite you to Alimentaria in two years if you come over… but, I don’t think I would take you to a Restaurant, seeing the menus you devore!!! ;D You’ll be more than welcome for a good Spanish lunch to my house!!!! Enjoy Easter time :D

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