A Flu and Blogging Interruptus

I just heard on the radio this question to the audience: Has the A Flu changed your daily routine? I would like to hear your voice here, please.Here in Spain it’s like the only thing we talk about these days! It’s on the news, on the streets, on the market; everywhere! I think they are getting just too loud about it. Is it that terrific? I don’t think so. But then, why are they scaring us so? So far, 23 persons have died from the virus in my country and it seems that the other flu (every year’s one) kills more people than that. A Flu is specially virulent with those whom suffer from other cronich diseases.

Why then there’s this big fuzz about it? Is it the same in your countries? How has winter been in the southern hemisphere?

Answering my own question, I will say that Yes, I changed my daily habbits. I am a bit paranoid with this and made a plan to try to avoid the flu. This is what I do:

1.- Starting this August I wake up one hour earlier and go for a fast walk. It is important not to run, just walk really fast and get the Tshirt all sweated.
2.- I drink Actimel first thing in the morning. It is supposed to help my body defenses against diseases.
3.- I make a fresh orange juice and drink it immediately. Vitamin C is my ally too. Kiwis are also full of C Vitamin.
4.- I will try to avoid as much as possible public areas such as train stations, subway, cinemas…

Isn’t it too crazy? Are Media washing our brains out or rather is it useful to have all that info? What about the vaccine? Is it good that pregnant women have it? What about the money Pharmaceutical Companies earn? I guess we’ll get the answers during this winter, won’t we?

The great thing about blogging is that it doesn’t spread the virus ;D. So lets focus on blogging and delicious recipes. I have a good bunch waiting for their turn in my PC. So, I guess this blogging interruptus has finished :D.

Thank you all again for your concern, advise and great words!!!

As a small taste, take a look at the upcoming recipes… Mmmmmm simply delicious!

Lobster Soupy Rice and Deliciously fresh Gazpacho

Mackerel Timbal and Mashed Green peas with Morcilla

Strawberry Mousse and Lemon Curd Cake

So, you will soon be seeing my face on your blogs! :D


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09/09/2009 · 18:08 h by Miriam

Vaya, me alegro de que estés de vuelta, empezaba a preocuparme…

09/09/2009 · 20:14 h by Bellini Valli

Hola Nuria. Welcome back!!!!! I work in a doctors office so I wouldn’t say that the flu has changed my life at all. I always wash my hands and use hand sanitizer…have for years and it keeps me healthy. Look forward to all of those delicious recipes as well!!!!

09/09/2009 · 21:02 h by Joan Nova

Qué sorpresa…and a happy one to see you back and blogging. I look forward to seeing your new posts.

As for the new flu, it sound serious enough from what I hear in FL but I don’t know the statistics. Seems to be especially dangerous for pregnant women. I’m not :), but I do wash my hands very frequently.

09/09/2009 · 21:24 h by glamah16

Just catching up with you. Glad you are better now. Cant wait to see the Lobster Soup.

09/09/2009 · 23:00 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Nuria!!! You’re BACK!!! I really missed you.

We had more of a fuss about the flu when it first hit the U.S. Now we probably need a bit more of a fuss, because people are complacent.

My different routines – like you, I’m trying to bolster my immune system. I’m also being careful about touching surfaces and I’m doing lots and lots of handwashing. I start teaching next week and I’m a bit worried about what’s going to happen at that point.

09/10/2009 · 0:17 h by giz

Welcome back Nuria. Everyone’s worried about the flu – it’s on the news here too and everyone’s worried about the kids going back to school.

09/10/2009 · 6:00 h by Yaelian

Nice to hear from you again Nuria! Here it has been in the media too ad nauseaum. I wash my hands these days much more often than before, but besides that, I haven¨t changed any other habits,yet.
Your upcoming recipes look tempting!

09/10/2009 · 6:27 h by Mercè

Núria, here the swine flu was on the news at the very beginning, but now there are other news more important for the US citizens, like the healthcare system reform. ;)
Your upcoming recipes look so yummy! ;) I’m looking forward to read them all! :)

09/10/2009 · 6:35 h by Núria

Thanks eveybody for your input! I’m so glad to be back too and see all your smiling faces :D.

09/10/2009 · 8:21 h by Victoria Allman

Yum! Can’t wait for the Lemon Curd cake blog. I miss Spanish food and will immediately make your recipes as you post them to recapture the taste of Spain.

09/10/2009 · 15:19 h by Ben

Hola Núria! Te extrañamos mucho, que bueno que estas ya de vuelta :) Regarding the flu… it’s all a hoax! In the U.S. 60,000 people die a year of the regular flu and the swine flu killed no more than 100 when it hit the country this year. I like to be clean and eat well because it is healthy and not because some scare tactics used by the media. Anyway, I can’t wait to see your upcoming recipes!

Saludos y abrazos!

09/10/2009 · 17:08 h by FoodJunkie

Welcome back Nuria. Everyone in Greece was slightly crazy about the flu,as much as in Spain, about a month ago, but with the upcoming elections, no one cares any more. Although I am pregnant in my 7th month, the whole flu issue hasn’t phased me at all. The only thing I do is wash my hands religiously.

09/10/2009 · 17:50 h by 5 Star Foodie

Glad to see you back! The preview dishes look terrific, can’t wait for your future posts!

09/10/2009 · 18:39 h by Familia

Hi Nuria,
me alegro de verte otra vez! We are writing plans here for what to do if the schools and offices have to close down, but so far nothing but a few colds!

09/10/2009 · 23:15 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Aquí diuen que lo bo es fa esperar però nena ja era horaaaaa, m´alegro moltíssim que tornis a ser aquí i estic impacient per veure totes aquestes receptes tan abellidores…petonets Núria

09/11/2009 · 2:51 h by Soma

nice to see you back Nuria! we had the scare in april & looks like we will have it again at the end of the year. don’t really know what we can do, but with kids the exposure in schools, it tends to get little scary.we have had kids got infected in couple of miles around our home in april & were soon taken care of…
just keep doing whatever you are, defense is the best.

09/11/2009 · 5:45 h by Sam Sotiropoulos

Welcome back Nuria! Yes, seems the worldwide media is in the midst of a “swine flu fever”… here in Canada as well. I guess it’s the latest bogey man which they can use to keep us fearful of our neighbours, friends, and family… Anyway, try not to let it disrupt your life too much. The exercise is a good idea, with or without swine flu. Looking forward to your posts. :)

09/11/2009 · 6:05 h by Ivy

Glad to see you are back Nuria. You were missed. The same crazy attitude here in Greece and I’ve stopped listening to the news. I think it’s more about them making money with tamiflu and vaccines. Shall be looking forward to your delicious recipes.

09/11/2009 · 23:34 h by maybelle's mom

nothing here yet, but we sure are talking about it. As a nursing mother and an asthmatic i am torn about the swine flu vaccine.

09/12/2009 · 6:07 h by _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

I pretty much ignore any swine/H1N1 flu stories. =) It’s just the flu! I mean, like a regular flu!

09/13/2009 · 15:01 h by we are never full

you’re back! YOU’RE BAAACK!!! YAY! this stupid “swine flu” thing has actually been more annoying than anything. here in the states they’ve been over hyping it. i work for the school system and you’d think it was an epidemic killing people worse than the plague they way they have scared people. i am not going to get shot because i am sure that if i keep my immune system good through the winter, i’ll be ok.

the only change to my routine was that i will wash my hands every 2 periods of the school day. i also have anti-bacterial stuff for the hands of my students readily available. that’s it! fingers crossed it is all ok… i don’t really get the regular flu so hopefully i won’t get this.

welcome back!

09/14/2009 · 3:46 h by Gloria

Hola Nuria, Fantastic blog. . it’s my first visit and I think I’m going to like visiting you. I too live in Spain in a small town in Cordoba and I can honestly say, I havn’t heard anyone Spanish speak of swine flu although my english friends speak of it all the time!

I have lived here for two years and am loving every minute of it and am looking forward to trying out some of your recipes so that I can impress my ever growing list of Spanish friends!!

I am new to blogging so please come visit me . . I hope you’ll like something on my blog. I am intending on posting some of my own recipes when I get the hang of blogging and the empathise will be on healthy food, healthy lifestyle but for now my post is . . well, come over and see for yourself!!!

Off to sign up to follow you now!!

See you again soon!

09/14/2009 · 8:17 h by Núria

Wow, what a warm welcome! I’m thinking about leaving again just to be back and hear your fantastic words again… he, he! Thanks for all your input :D

Welcome to my blog Gloria! I’m happy you like it :D. Of course I’ll visit you today! Thanks for leaving a comment.

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