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Chickpeas puree with fake Tagliatelle

Where have the traditional pets gone?3 Days ago a female Lion was seen at different villages in the border of Catalonia and Valencia. Nobody knows from its origin... maybe it escaped from a Circus? Maybe a rich and excentric person bought it as a ...



A Flu and Blogging Interruptus

I just heard on the radio this question to the audience: Has the A Flu changed your daily routine? I would like to hear your voice here, please.Here in Spain it's like the only thing we talk about these days! It's on the news, ...


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Spring in a Jar – Arte y Pico Award

There's some things about Spring time that I LOVE! If I could put them in a jar and have it in my pantry shelf.... during winter cold and dark days I would open the jar and let the smells, sounds and colours fill the room and ...

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