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Chickpeas puree with fake Tagliatelle

Where have the traditional pets gone?3 Days ago a female Lion was seen at different villages in the border of Catalonia and Valencia. Nobody knows from its origin… maybe it escaped from a Circus? Maybe a rich and excentric person bought it as a puppy and now the feline has grown far too much.

Neighbours are really scared and authorities are making their best to try catch the animal. A local farmer took his shotgun with him but the police told him to leave the weapon at home… What???? If my life were in danger I would also like to have a gun nearby… but the police argued that he could hurt somebody instead of the lion.

There is also an increasing affection for having Boas constrictor or iguanas or poisonous spiders… Have we all gone nuts? Go and buy yourself a dog or a cat or a little local signing birdie!!!! But, if you do, treat them well and Do Not abandon them!

Boleta thinks that she is a lion! She sometimes behaves as if she were big and powerful when another female bumps into her. She doesn’t care about sizes… maybe I should take her to the ophthalmologist ;D.

All these babling has nothing to do with the recipe but a warm deep dish of this Chickpeas puree would surely tame the wild beasts and the domestic ones as well :D.

Enjoy the dish!!!

I’m sending the recipe over to Cook Sister who is hosting this month the famous My Legume Love Affair, brainchild of Susan at The Well-Seasoned Cook.


Ingredients for 4 servings: For the chickpeas --- 400 grs of dry chickpeas, 3 carrots, an 8 cm fresh ham bone, 1 onion, salt and water. For the rest of the recipe-- 2 fresh medium squids and their ink, olive oil and some salt.

  • The day before, clean and wash the squids (if your fishmonger hasn't do it before). Take some kitchen plastic film and roll them tight. Place in the freezer. Keep the ink in the fridge.
  • Also the day before (night time), pour your chickpeas inside a big bowl and cover with warm water and a teaspoon of salt.
  • Let's start cooking today: peel the carrots, wash the ham bone and peel the onion. Place inside a big pot and cover with water up to the top. Turn heat on. When it starts boiling, take the white foam away if there is some.
  • Get the squid out of the freezer and take the film off. With the help of a sharpened knife, cut as thin as you can.
  • Strain the chickpeas and pour into the boiling water. If you don't want them to be as hard as a rock, the water shouldn't stop boiling until they become tender. Depending on the peas and the water, it might take 2, 3 or 4 hours. Just be patient.
  • Once they are tender, place them in a big bowl with some of the boiling stock and use a blender to get a fine texture. Add as many stock as you consider necessary. Taste and add salt. Pour some olive oil (4 tablespoons) and mix. Pour in the dishes and reserve.
  • Heat some olive oil in a sauce pan and when hot, place the squid strips until they get golden. Pour some salt over and place them over the chickpeas puree.
  • Decorate with some drops of squids' ink.


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10/07/2009 · 13:13 h by Ben

Awwww! Boleta is so pretty! That puree looks delicious. I love the presentation.

Do you wanna take care of my bear cub? He’s only 150 kgs :-p

10/07/2009 · 14:06 h by Peter M

Chica, I do like your faux-noodles alot…chickpeas and squid an ancient and delicious pairing.

Watch out for stray lions!

10/07/2009 · 15:48 h by 5 Star Foodie

What a pretty dish! The chickpea puree and squid “Tagliatelle” sounds like a perfect combination!

10/07/2009 · 17:28 h by Happy cook

Boleta is so cute.
This chickpea dish is totally new to me. Looks creamy delish.

10/07/2009 · 17:52 h by FoodJunkie

I use a pressure cooker for all pulses, it is just not fun tow ait around 4 hours for your chickpeas to boil!

10/07/2009 · 18:24 h by Ivy

That chickpea puree sounds great and I love your decoration of the plate.

10/07/2009 · 19:26 h by Yaelian

What an interesting chickpea recipe,sort of like a different kind of hummus! And Boleta is so cute!!

10/07/2009 · 20:36 h by Frenchie

This is so beautiful, I really want to make it. I can’t get squid very easily, but I think I may just make the puree. Do you think it would be good with halibut?

10/07/2009 · 20:52 h by tobias cooks!

I love both the squid and the chickpeas. The combination is new to me but looks delicious. I will keep it in mind, for sure.

10/07/2009 · 21:22 h by Mercè

Núria, un bon circ tot plegat! ;)
Aquest puré de cigrons ha de ser deliciós!! :)

10/08/2009 · 9:28 h by Anonymous


So cute

spanish courses valencia

Thanks for the share.

10/08/2009 · 13:28 h by Bellini Valli

Boleta is such a cutie.Is boleta in Spanish a traffic ticket? She really deserves a ticket since it must be a crime to be so cute.It is alos a crime not to have this delicious puree on my own table.

10/08/2009 · 18:47 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Thanks for sharing more pictures of Boleta! She is just such a cutie! :)

I love your chickpea puree! There is nothing better.

That is so strange about the lion. Be careful out there!

10/10/2009 · 14:56 h by pierre

hola Nuria :!!!
i love everything in this receipe so I take as mine !!!
and if you like pistachios come and see me it is caramba again !!

10/11/2009 · 9:30 h by Anonymous

The police shot the “lion”; it turned out to be a dog!

10/12/2009 · 0:29 h by Cynthia

Love the presentation.

10/12/2009 · 13:13 h by pityenlacocina

perros, gatos, leones, que mas da? todos son preciosos…

que rica esta cremita de garbanzos, me encanto lo que hiciste con los calamares, me quedo con la combinacion de estos sabores, delicioso!

besitos desde londres,


10/12/2009 · 14:44 h by we are never full

beautiful! wow… i love how you dotted it w/ the squid ink. this really looks lovely. people have pet chimps here and pet bears. that’s f-ed up. what’s wrong w/ a nice, cute cat?

10/14/2009 · 20:12 h by ://: Heni ://:

This is so interesting dish Nuria, so orginal … something really to try!

10/14/2009 · 20:29 h by pigpigscorner

oh wow, this looks and sounds amazing! Love your fake tagliatelle.

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