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Pancakes or Crêpes? I will call these: Tortitas de plátano!

Tortitas de plátano are our version of American Pancakes or French Crêpes. It’s not among the daily breakfast spread (at least in hour house)… but now and then, when I have a few ripe bananas I love making these as a surprise on a Saturday or Sunday morning and I can get extra kisses in exchange ;D.

Pancakes include some baking powder in the recipe and Crêpes don’t. Pancakes tend to have a small size and are thick and crêpes are wider and thinner.

These Banana tortitas, don’t have baking powder among the ingredients but they look more like a pancake than a crêpe.

So, what’s going to be? Pancakes or crêpes? No matter how you call them, make sure you get these recipe because your kids, husband, wife, parents, nephews… everybody will love them!



Ingredients for 12 tortitas: 250 grs of ripe banana, 200 ml of milk, 2 eggs, 1 tablespoon of cocoa powder, 6 sugar tablespoons, 100 grs of all purpose flour, 100 grs of corn flour, some hazelnuts and melted chocolate.

  • Blend all ingredients inside the mixer (except the hazelnuts and melted chocolate). Let it rest for 5 to 10 minutes.
  • Prepare a non stick pan with some drops of olive oil. Spread the surface of the pan (you can use butter or any other oil). Pour some of the mixture and when you see it starts showing small holes, turn and cook the other side.
  • Place over some kitchen paper until you finish and serve with the smashed hazelnuts, the chocolate or ice-cream, honey... anything you wish.


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04/02/2013 · 10:18 h by bellini

It is easy to see why these would be so popular Nuria!!!

04/02/2013 · 12:18 h by

I want to come to your hose so you can make these for me….

04/02/2013 · 16:49 h by Núria

Thank you Val.

Bring over those platanos and mangoes, Norma ;D

04/06/2013 · 3:31 h by Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul

Muy bien Nuria! Tengo mucho hambre! Sensational tortitas de platano! I love the photos too!

04/08/2013 · 11:35 h by Núria

Gracias darling :D, I have tortitas para todo el mundo, Peter! If you are hungry, mi casa is the place to be!

04/11/2013 · 14:23 h by Hubert Hynowski

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04/15/2013 · 13:01 h by plasterers in bristol

Wow that picture is moth watering, i’m definitely going to try these.

04/20/2016 · 0:17 h by Hannah

Made these and they were super easy and delicious!

03/28/2017 · 15:20 h by Evan

This recipe was great. It tasted really good and it was easy to make.

03/18/2018 · 3:50 h by Kaia

Me encanta esta receta, es muy sabrosa. Me gustan los plátanos, son deliciosos en la receta! Gracias!!

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