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Fake Cake Pops for Mother’s day.

What’s the best gift a mother can get from her son or her daughter? A good tight hug, a poem write from deep within, a dedicated photograph… things that money cannot buy… in one word: LOVE.
I felt like doing something for my mom besides the hug, the poem and the dedicated photograph, I’m taking her a bunch of Cake Pops; something she has never tasted before and that I’m pretty sure she will love!

Cake Pops are getting so fashionable here now. Together with Halloween feast, it seems that American Creative Sweet confectionery (cakes, pies, tarts, muffins, cupcakes, cake pops, and so) is finding its own space in our country :D. I think it’s a beautiful and delicious imported tradition that we should follow religiously ;D!

Cake pops are elaborated with a cake base as the name says. However, and since I didn’t have much time to spend baking the sponge cake, I took the shortest path to have them ready in no time and the result was fantastic. I really recommend you to do them my way if you are in a hurry or if you simply want to change its internal texture.

Instead of baking the cake, you just need to have some cookies in the pantry! That is a lot easier and faster :D. Isn’t it? Don’t these Fake cake pops look great?


Ingredients for 9 Fake Cake Pops: 100 grs of cookies (mine were plain ones, but you can use any kind you want), 40 grs of light cheese spread, 100 grs of couverture black chocolate and different kinds of sugar decoration.

  • Blend the cookies and place inside a bowl. Pour the cheese inside and work with your clean hands until you can make little balls with the dough. Try to make them the same size. A scale could help.
  • Place the chocolate inside a glass and melt in the microwave. Be careful not to burn it because it would get spoiled.
  • Place a wooden skewer inside the glass (1/2 cm would be enough) of melted chocolate and insert it half way into the cookie ball. Reserve. Do the same with all of them.
  • Place inside the fridge for 15 minutes.
  • If the chocolate is still melted place the balls one after the other inside so that all the surface gets covered by the chocolate and carefully let the choco drop by rotating the skewer. If the chocolate is hard, place in the micro again and wait a bit until you put the balls inside. We don't want it to be to hot.
  • When you have the ball covered by the chocolate, place the sugar coloured figures on top and put inside a recipient with sugar or rice or any other product that will make the skewers stay up. Place in the fridge until you serve.
  • Enjoy the Cake pops and enjoy Mother's day!


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05/05/2013 · 14:45 h by bellini

These are such fun Nuria. You are lucky to live close to your mom.

05/10/2013 · 5:58 h by Tracey

Love the fake Cake Pops…they look delicious! I´ve been wanting to try Cake Pops for ages and these seem ideal and much quicker to prepare!

06/18/2013 · 11:21 h by Anita

Hey Nuria,made the fake cake pops last weekend and it was a hit among kids and adults too.they were easy to make n were tasting heaven for kids.they just loved it.thanks for sharing the recipe!

05/22/2018 · 0:02 h by Pablo Heras Palacios

I love Cake pops, thanks Nuria for sharing this amazing recipe with us, I will try this for the next birthday party, and I hope to surprise everyone.

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