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Chocolate Cake with hazelnuts

The baking fever goes on and on… I tried this classic yogurt cake with the perfect outfit: Chocolate! I changed a few things from the original recipe to improve the cake… and voila, it was soooo good!!! I succeeded! We had a small piece each after lunch and it was delicious! Don’t know what is going on with me, I’m totally into baking now and that is no good for my hips :(

But who cares about hips when this is what you have in front of your face, and the smell fills the kitchen, the house and your nose… maybe having wide hips is not so bad after all! So, people, take the recipe and try it yourself at home. Make sure you have all ingredients before you start; I had to run to the supermarket because I didn’t notice I didn’t have any cream in the fridge.

It’s funny how our brain works… if we want something, we can find the perfect excuse to have that thing: The day of the Mona is getting near, so I had to bake a cake anyway and this turned out to be a great alternative ;D. However, if you want the Real thing for the Mona day, then follow this link but if you are the kind of guy/gal that gets bored doing always the same things, then take this cake and instead of the m&ms place Easter chocolate eggs on top.


Ain’t this a sexy view?


Ingredients: for the cake - 1 non sugared yogurt, 2 yogurt measures of brown cane sugar, 3 yogurt measures of cake flour, 1 measure of olive oil, 3 eggs, 16 grs baking powder, 50 grs of blended toasted hazelnuts, and 2 tablespoons of hazelnut liquor. For the chocolate cover - 250 grs of black chocolate with 70% Cocoa, 100 grs of butter, 125 grs of 35% cream, 25 grs of hazelnut liquor and 1 egg's yolk.
You will also need some m&m for decoration.

  • Prepare a big bowl with the eggs and the sugar. Beat with the electric mixer for 2 minutes aprox., add the yogurt, the sifted flour and the baking powder, also add the hazelnuts and the liquor, mix well and add the oil. Mix again until you get an homogeneous dough.
  • Preheat the oven at 180ºC.
  • Take a mold and paint the inner surface with olive oil, then add some flour, shake it and let the flour fall on the counter. Pour the dough inside and place in the oven's rack for 40 to 50 minutes.
  • When the cake is done, wait until it cools down. Cut in two pieces and reserve.
  • Start the choco preparation. Take a big casserole with water and place on the heat, then in a glass bowl put the chocolate and butter inside and place inside the casserole. Melt the choco and butter al baño maría, add the cream and mix well. Turn heat off and use the electric mixer to thicken the chocolate, add the liquor and the egg's yolk. Once it cools down, dress your cake with it.
  • Pour a layer of the chocolate between the two pieces of the cake. Arm the cake again and pour the rest of the chocolate on top. Place the m&ms and when cold, keep in the fridge until you eat it.


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04/04/2012 · 23:13 h by FOODalogue

I want to stick my finger in there and scoop up all that chocolate that is dripping down.

Looks beautiful my dear! But watch those hips … a moment on the lips, forever on the hips!

04/05/2012 · 6:44 h by MyFudo™

The dripping choco frosting is telling my brain that I’ve got to take a bite, a big, big one of this delicious treat.

04/05/2012 · 19:34 h by Jacinda

Photos are good, recipe looks delicious. I could have done without the negative body self talk.

04/06/2012 · 14:19 h by Ben

I have the perfect solution for you: sweatpants! Hehehe. You can’t say no to beauties like this and really, who cares about the hips ;)

04/10/2012 · 19:24 h by Jenn @leftoverqueen

Wow, chocolate and hazelnut, such a classic combination!

05/02/2012 · 21:37 h by

Me matastes con este biscocho…

11/07/2012 · 2:31 h by Adam Cord

I really could use some cooking skills here.=)

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