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Chocolate and Walnuts Cake for High Tea Times

I’m not much into teas; not that I dislike them… it’s only that I haven’t given them a chance! I’m a coffee person. This means that before my morning coffee I am not a person… I’m a troglodyte and sound like one with ughs and hums before I have my cup. My favourite: an intense expresso with a bit of hot milk and some honey… only after that I become human ;D.

But, this post should be about tea and its sweet/savory pairings. I’m talking about Meeta’s Monthly Mingle: High Tea Treats!
I’m kind of obssesed with Chocolate and Walnuts and I keep on trying to find the perfect cake with this combo. Now that I have a breadmaker things are much easier and making the dough and baking it is a kids game :D.

This month (today is the last day), the event is hosted by Aparma from My Diverse Kitchen; hurry up and send your Tea treats too!



So, prepare a hot tea cup and bring something sweet or savory to the feast! Just pull up your left or right pinkie and wait until 5 pm to celebrate with your friends ;D.


Ingredients: 175 grs of softened butter, 175 grs of brown sugar, 3 beaten eggs, 225 grs of white flour, 2 1/2 teaspoons of baking power, 25 grs of cacao power, 50 grs of chocolate, 50 grs of walnuts, 2 teaspoons of milk, 2 ripe bananas (maximum 300 grs including peels), half a lemon.
I used a wipping machine and a bread machine.

  • Read the whole recipe and get your ingredients ready before starting.
  • Whip the butter and the sugar in a big bowl. Whip the eggs aside and pour little by little in the big bowl. Keep on whipping.
  • Sift the flour and the baking power in a different bowl and add to the big bowl. Whip.
  • Smash the ripe bananas and moist them with the lemon juice. Add them to the big bowl and keep on whipping the mix. Add the cacao, the milk and the chocolate and walnuts (cut into little pieces). Save a couple of walnuts to decorate. Stir.
  • Pour the mix into the bread machine and use the "bake" function. Bake for 1 hour.
  • Once done, take it off and let it cool down on a rack. Slice and serve with your favourite tea.


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10/15/2009 · 12:22 h by Peter G

How simple and delicious Nuria! I’m definitely a coffee person too!

10/15/2009 · 12:43 h by Ben

I love both, coffee and tea. Coffee in the mornings to feel alive and tea in the evenings to go to sleep LOL. I love your pan and I think it pairs perfectly with tea :D

10/15/2009 · 13:46 h by Maria

I love cakes with banana and walnuts … this sounds perfect. And it looks so moist! Enjoy tea time Nuria!

10/15/2009 · 13:52 h by Happy cook

Wow that is a big cake, looks yumm.
I am like you, i like tea, but i would prefer coffee.

10/15/2009 · 15:11 h by Bellini Valli

I am definitely a tea person…but don’t hold that against me. I love coffee flavours in my baking and frozen drinks.

10/15/2009 · 15:15 h by Juju at Tales of


10/15/2009 · 15:55 h by La cuina vermella

Vinc a fer el te ara mateix!!

10/15/2009 · 17:30 h by 5 Star Foodie

I would love this scrumptious cake with coffee in the morning or with tea in the evening!

10/15/2009 · 20:28 h by Marta

Riquísima receta y preciosas fotos!
Un abrazo

10/15/2009 · 21:10 h by Peter M

Us Greeks enjoy many cakes and desserts with nuts in them yes, all the better with coffee.

Any chance of you making a cheesecake? ;)

10/16/2009 · 8:20 h by FoodJunkie

I am a coffee person too Nuria, but I guess you don’t have to serve tea to have a tea party with your friends!

10/16/2009 · 13:32 h by pierre

I am coffee and tea at the same time so i take a bite in this cake!
and now mly last recipe is in english so i wait for you !!
cheers !

10/16/2009 · 18:59 h by Familia

yum! i like both, but rafael hates tea!

10/16/2009 · 22:46 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Hola Núria!!!! aquesta recepta ha de ser ben bona, i molt aromàtica no? a mi si m´agrada molt el te i t´aseguro que la combinació em resulta d´allò més atractiva…petonets

10/17/2009 · 7:00 h by Ivy

I am a coffee person as well. I’d love some of that cake right now with my second cup of coffee.

10/19/2009 · 9:03 h by ://: Heni ://:

This is prefect for tea but also with coffee, any time of the day. I made this recipe mast night Nuria … everyone loved it!

10/23/2009 · 1:27 h by Susan from Food Blogga

Chocolate and walnuts are beautiful together. I’d happily have this cake with tea or coffee!

05/29/2011 · 20:48 h by Stacy

Hi Nuria!
I replied to your comment over on my blog, but thought I would post my question here as well since you talked about coffee! Do you have a favorite Spanish coffee that you can recommend? I would love suggestions! Thank you!

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