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Vol Au Vents for the Royal Foodie Joust

As I said in my last post, the Royal Foodie Joust is back!!!! That’s great news because is one of my favourite events in the blogosphere :D. This month of May, the 3 ingredients are: greens, eggs and cheese.

Jenn from the Leftover Queen is planning to move the Joust to the Foodie blogroll but it seems that it will take a bit longer… we are patient and we have no problems waiting a bit more ;D.

Those of you whom follow this blog know my dislike for cheese… but, this was a major cause and I had to participate, so that’s why I chose mozzarella… the only cheese I actually eat ;D.

I saw that many of the participants had chosen spinachs… my first choice… but then, I remembered I had some green beans (left over from an Ensaladilla rusa), some iberian acorn ham, quail eggs and the vol au vents waiting for too long in the pantry. I could visualize the dish!

This is ready in no time! Perfect as an appetizer… a small flavorful bite.
Although I made it in no time and only for me, and I didn’t measure the ingredients, I will try to give you an approximate measure for 4 servings. Sorry about it!


Eat well!!! and don’t forget to participate at the Eating Good Feeling Good Event :DIf you don’t find ham, you can also make it with chorizo or morcilla, they match the rest of ingredients too!


Ingredients for 4 servings: 200 grs of fresh green beens (they are in season now), 100 grs of Iberian Acorn ham, 8 quail eggs, some grated cheese of your choice, 8 vol au vents, olive oil and salt.

  • Wash and cut the green beans. Boil or steam in salty water. When tender, strain and reserve.
  • In a sauce pan, add a bit of olive oil and when warm, add the ham cut in small dices. When it starts changing its colour, add the beans and saute for 1 minute. Reserve.
  • In a small frying pan, pour enough olive oil to fry the eggs. Remember that you will need a serrated knife to open the eggs. When fried, reserve over kitchen paper and pour a bit of salt on them.
  • Get the vol au vents and empty them. Stuff with the green beans and ham, place the egg on top and sprinkle with the grated cheese.
  • Place under the grill until the cheese melts.


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05/31/2010 · 10:06 h by Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul

These look really cute Nuria…perfect for a Sunday brunch! Good luck in the Joust!

05/31/2010 · 10:23 h by Sonia - L'Exquisit

Me ha encantado este relleno y con el huevito encima, te lo tomo prestado!

05/31/2010 · 10:34 h by Norma

I have used these in the past and had forgotten about the, I love to ise them for brunch with a light scrambled herbed eggs. Thanks for bringing me back…running to the store

05/31/2010 · 11:39 h by FOODalogue

Que raro…you don’t like cheese? I, too, am happy the Joust is back though I did not enter this month. I think these little pastries are just perfect for eggs. Yours with the quail egg topping looks very good.

05/31/2010 · 13:43 h by bellini valli

Good luck in the Joust my friend. These little “packages” would be droolworthy.

05/31/2010 · 15:09 h by Ivy

Great looking appetizer.

05/31/2010 · 22:18 h by Fresh Local and Best

These look like quite an elegant and buttery little cups. Yummy!

06/01/2010 · 5:48 h by cantbelieveweate

Great choice using quail eggs as the egg selection! I’m sorry you don’t care for cheese…oh what you’re missing out on! Your dish looks lovely and a perfect little nosh! Best of luck at the Joust!

06/02/2010 · 14:10 h by Maria

Nuria, I think you will be taking this joust … your entry is creative, flavorful and beautiful.

06/04/2010 · 2:40 h by Micah | Coffee Machines

It looks like so Delicious :0

06/05/2010 · 23:23 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Hola Núria!! ningú diria que no t´agrada el formatge ;D has fet una molt bona combinació amb els ingredients!!! un petonàs

06/13/2010 · 14:53 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Loved, loved, loved this entry my sweet friend!!! Absolutely beautiful!

06/22/2010 · 22:54 h by Lori Lynn

Very creative and colorful! Those little stuffed pastry shells look adorable.

11/11/2010 · 8:01 h by Marco - Coffee Beans

What a pretty dish you presents, very tempting!

03/31/2011 · 3:48 h by Vishal-Coffee Machine

Its really tempting appetizer:) I can’t resist..And really its great to make 3dishes with only 3 ingredients.Keep it Up.Looking forward to read more.

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