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Avocado and Anchovies Sandwich – Bocata de Aguacate con Anchoas

Doesn’t it look delicious? Well, it not only looks that way… it was absolutely gorgeous!!! Soooo good, so quick and so healthy :D.

I’m a bit stressed lately because my husband’s birthday is getting near. He will be 50!!! Isn’t that a special moment in everyone’s life? I want it to be superb and therefore I’m planning a trip and some remarkable gifts… which I won’t tell you now (I don’t want him to read this and find out the surprise).

Today, I was in a hurry and this was my lunch: A delicious and quick Sandwich. All the elements here play contrasted flavours and textures. Simple and nutritive.

Wouldn’t you give it a try? Take one ripe avocado, 3 cherry tomatoes, 5 black olives (without the bone), a can of Serrats Anchovies and a baguette. Spread the avocado on top of the bread, slice the tomatoes in half, decorate with the anchovies and the olives. Use some of the anchovies olive oil to dress it all and…. Bite!

The Anchovies can is also a gift from Serrats they are high quality: the best fish meat preserved in olive oil and a bit of salt. They gave this sandwich a wonderful twist. Try them and spread the word :D.

I am not returning your visits and it upsets me a lot… I’m really grateful to those of you whom keep coming back. THANK YOU!

Buen provecho ♥

As I couldn’t make it with Joan’s Culinary Tour 2010 Mexico and Avocado comes from that wonderful country, please pay a visit to her Roundup and find there more and variated Mexican food :D.


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01/15/2010 · 15:19 h by Yaelian

Ay que rico,me gusta! I love avocado,which is in season here right now:-)

01/15/2010 · 15:31 h by taste traveller

Hi Núria, nice to see you blogging again :-) Your sandwich looks divine. We can’t get anchovies like that around here I don’t think – another reason to visit Barcelona!

01/15/2010 · 16:12 h by Mel-

Just gorgeous. What a great combination!

01/15/2010 · 17:42 h by Bellini Valli

I agree with all of the comments. This would be a wonderful way to enjoy a nice leisurely lunch…can I imagine myself in Catalonia:D

01/15/2010 · 17:46 h by Fresh Local and Best

This is such a lovely Mediterranean sandwich!

01/15/2010 · 19:48 h by Ralph

This looks delicious – I’m not sure if I can get anchovies where I am. Do you think this would work with sardine?

01/15/2010 · 20:46 h by _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

Advanced Happy Birthday to your husband! I’m sure what you’re planning will be superb! =)

01/15/2010 · 21:30 h by Joan Nova

hah…so funny…just this week I made a similar lunch with a piece of bread, a roasted pepper and 2 anchovies. Thanks for mentioning the culinary tour. I do hope you’ll be able to join us somewhere. I’ve missed you!!

01/15/2010 · 21:34 h by Cynthia

I know I’d enjoy this sandwich. Looks delicious Nuria.

01/15/2010 · 22:50 h by we are never full

as anyone that knows me – i could eat an avocado like an apple (we’ll, i’d take the skin off first). this looks like a great sandwich. i think i’d even rather eat it closed instead of open-faced… more avocado and more anchovy!

01/16/2010 · 6:16 h by 5 Star Foodie

I always love the avocado in sandwiches and this is such a delicious combination with anchovies! Yum!

01/16/2010 · 16:26 h by Ila

That’s the Spain I like, yummy!

01/16/2010 · 23:05 h by Marta

Que tostadita más rica Núria! con lo que me gustan las anchoas!

01/17/2010 · 9:05 h by Peter G

Simple and very tasty Nuria! I love it…I miss you a lot! Good luck with planning your husband’s 50th.

01/17/2010 · 10:41 h by pierre

these anchovies are calling me !!! thanks !! Pierre

01/18/2010 · 9:42 h by katiez

Mon mari would LOVE this! So would I…. Where are you taking ton mari? I took mine to Vienna for an opera on his 50th…. (He dearly loves opera) Can’t wait to hear the details. Happy New Year!

01/20/2010 · 17:19 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

These little toasts with anchovies are scrumptious, Nuria!

01/21/2010 · 20:04 h by Peter M

You know I’m a big guy with a big appetite, I would need a few of these. A meze of anchovies sounds grand. Happy Birthday to your Chico!

01/25/2010 · 16:16 h by Maria

My mouth is watering Nuria! This looks amazing … I can have one of these sandwiches any time!

02/19/2015 · 17:59 h by Arwa

Es muy rico, me gusta el aguacete.

04/20/2016 · 18:52 h by Rosalyn

These were amazing!! I super loved the avocados on it!

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