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Vegetal Sandwich with egg and salmon

Would you join me for a picnic? I prepared these wonderful cold sandwiches… let’s grab some beers and head to the beach!

There’s only one thing you need to prepare the day before: roast the red pepper, peel, take the seeds off and reserve in the fridge.
My bread choice is this whole wheat bread with cereals.

This is such a healthy pick: it has all the elements to make your lunch complete: The whole wheat bread, 1 red pepper, 2 boiled eggs, 1 cucumber, some lettuce leaves, 1 smoked salmon package, 1 onion, salt and extra virgin olive oil… 4 sandwiches.

Before you start with the sandwiches, cut the onion in slices and marinate in 2 vinegar spoons + 6 extra virgin olive oil spoons and some salt.
Then prepare the sandwiches with the former ingredients and add the onion at the end. Wrap them and off you go… to the beach!

Mondays are tough. I keep on dreaming ;D.


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05/30/2011 · 21:35 h by FOODalogue

Si, si…perfect summer sandwich for picnic…tasty, light and refreshing.

05/31/2011 · 0:47 h by bellini

I’m with you Nuria. I have my bathing suit on:D

05/31/2011 · 2:50 h by Charissa

This does look delicious! I wish I could head to the beach with a lunch like this…sounds wonderful!

05/31/2011 · 4:39 h by Ivy

Beautiful sandwiches! Love red peppers and when I marinate them I add them in sandwiches as well. Unfortunately we haven’t been to the beach yet!!
(I think there’s something wrong with blogger as the comment is looking weird).

05/31/2011 · 10:51 h by MªJose-Dit i Fet

Aquests sandwichs han de ser riquíssims, amb lo molt que m´agrada a mi el salmó…si es que…si miro bé…jo crec que un porta el meu nom no? ;) petonets!!!!

05/31/2011 · 18:06 h by Stacy

These sandwiches are really making me anxious for summer! I just wish I were closer to the beach =)

10/20/2011 · 6:20 h by Diana

Recipes are great, pictures too. This is all new to me because I come from another area but it really looks great.
Best regards!
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