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Yogurt and Strawberry Mousse

Being on a diet doesn’t mean to be hungry all the time and to eat only salads! Guess who needs to start one… yes! Too many paellas, too many beers, too many fried potatoes, too many muffins… now I have to pay my tribute if I want to fit in my summer clothes.

I started to diet last Tuesday and so far, it’s working for me. I can eat vegetables and fruits and of course fish and white meat and also 0% fat dairy which is a good, variated and healthy diet. Soon I will be able to incorporate whole wheat bread and whole wheat rye, as well as whole pasta and rice. In sum, guess who is going to look like Jennifer Lopez in a couple of months!!!!

So, here you have this delicious mousse that you can have in the morning or as a dessert or even kids could have it as a snack after school time.
All ingredients are low calorie and strawberries are so healthy that you will love it! Now strawberries are in season which means that they are really cheap.

More than ever we must buy seasonal and nearby produce because things are getting really funny here :-(. My support and thoughts to those Cypriots who are going through such hard times. Is the world spinning the other way around lately?


Ingredients for 4 servings: 2 yogurts 0% fat, 200 grs of 0% fat whipped cheese, 1 egg white, 600 grs of strawberries and 3 tablespoons of sweetener.

  • Clean, wash and cut the strawberries and reserve some in a bowl with a dash of light vinegar. Place in the fridge.
  • Meanwhile pour the egg's white in a bowl and whip until stiff. Reserve.
  • In a big bowl pour the yogurts, the cheese and the sweetener and the strawberries (except those we keep for decoration). Blend and when it becomes homogeneous add the whipped egg's white carefully in the mixture.
  • Place the strawberries you reserved on top and some mint leaves.
  • Put in the fridge until you serve it. Enjoy!


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03/18/2013 · 10:25 h by Angie's Recipes

What a delightful dessert!

03/18/2013 · 17:43 h by bellini

Yes it is that time of year when we hope to fit into last years clothes. Delicious start my friend.

03/21/2013 · 0:03 h by

I have to lose weight…joining a gym tomorrow and drinking some smoothies…beautiful Nuria

04/04/2013 · 4:07 h by Anonymous

what kind of cheese? Is it whipped cream cheese?

04/05/2013 · 6:13 h by Núria

Yes anonymous, wipped cream cheese… I might have been lost in translation a bit ;D

04/09/2013 · 20:30 h by Anonymous

One more question…btw this is Barb or as you know me anonymous :) what size are the yogurts that are in this recipe…are they the small individual size or larger. P.S. I’m planning on making this yummy receipe for my Interpersonal Communication class…my group chose Spain…and I decided to make this part of the mini-menu of food that I’m bringing to class on Friday! Praying that you’ll get on here by tomorrow! Thanks for the earlier reply!! :)

04/10/2013 · 6:19 h by Núria

I should have said the size of the yogurts! Sorry about that :-). They weight 125 grams each. That is a total of 250 grams.
Good luck with the Communication class Barb!

04/12/2013 · 3:56 h by Anonymous

thank you very much for your fast reply!! :) Looking forward to making this!

05/01/2013 · 12:53 h by kolay yemek tarifi

Thank you for this delightful dessert!
Yogurt and strawberry mousse is great.

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