Pears in wine


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Pears in wine

What will I wear today? A daily common question... a look at the wardrobe and I will go for same color but different tones or I will pair contrasted colors. Today, I am going for black and red because I feel like it and because it suits my face and ...


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True Blood

Will you let me seduce you with... True Blood? No need to be a vampire, no need to be pale and with night preferences. Just follow my rules here and you will have the fuel you need to live... forever... or maybe ...


Beverages | Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Gazpacho aromatized with fresh Basil

I want to show you the easiest and tastiest recipe for Gazpacho before summer ends. Here in Barcelona, temperatures are starting to drop but tomatoes are the cheapest veggies in the market right now. Shouldn't we take advantage of it and buy some ...


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Chocolate: The dessert, the Movie… the 8th Capital Sin.

Are you a chocolate addict? Do you know that we should eat 15 Chocolate kilos per day to become addicts? Therefore, don't worry anymore, it only gives you pleasure but you are not addicted to it :D. Chocolate contains essential ...



Yellow of Chamomile and "other coloured" Infusions

When I was a kid, and I felt sick my mom and grand mom would always try to palliate the symptoms with herbs' infusions: chamomile, lemon verbena and mint for stomach ache, lime blossom tea just before school exams, thyme infusion for my wounded ...

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