Just a bunch of pictures I recently did of my City: Barcelona. I’m calling this collection: Beach and benches. Being a tourist and walking the city up and down is so rewarding! You get to catch moments and people like these… Enjoy the tour!

Barcelona marina port

Searching fot he shadow of the tree after biking for some time through the city. A good choice to move around Bicing.

Barcelona beach

A cheap entertaining for youngsters… just a few steps from the subway or bus stations: Barceloneta area.

Barcelona beach view

From the cheapest way to take a nap to the most expensive!

Barcelona beach view

Enjoy the contrasts you will find on your way to the spots you chose :D

Barcelona beach view

There’s always a moment to be in peace with the universe: enjoying the view, the sun, the smells and the fresh air.


There’s a place in the Barceloneta where you can practice sport with appropriate machines by the sea.

Tired and hot

If the beach is too crowded, you can always look for the trees shadow and rest for a while.


Tired and hungry? My recommendation for you if you are in the Barceloneta area (where the pictures were taken) is: Cal Pinxo Platja. Take a look at their food offer… fresh, high quality and typical!

Barcelona. What else?


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07/30/2014 · 15:02 h by bellini

Thanks for the photographic journey chica. I will get there some day!!!

07/30/2014 · 20:13 h by Núria Farregut

No charge, Val ;-)
I’m waiting for you to decide and come over. I’ll take you to the best spots, we’ll eat the best food and enjoy awesome views :D

07/31/2014 · 7:38 h by Dina

Nice work Nuria, you are an artist. And Val, I am coming too:)

07/31/2014 · 21:19 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Dina!!!! Really? Would you come back? Powerpuff Girls!!! Hahaha that would be so much fun :-)

08/01/2014 · 1:25 h by Joan Nova

Me gusta el coleccién ‘Beaches and Benches’.

P.S. We missed you July’s CCC challenge. Hope you’ll come back again in August.

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