Meat & poultry | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Riñones al Jerez – Jerez Kidneys

Would you dare to try some Riñones al Jerez? I'm sure not everybody will crave for some kidneys for lunch or dinner... but... there's always a but, this is such a delicious dish! However, is very important to buy fresh Veal or Lamb kidneys. ...


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Killing the Hunger – Event

Scene 1: Knives are getting sharpened, day is getting to its end... a table is set with all necessary tools... lights are on! A soft music starts somewhere.Scene 2: Veggies and fruits are shaking, their end is near... Mss. Tomatoe is even ...



Shy Omelet and more Eggs than you can imagine!

I don't have an obsession with Omelets but I love their versatility and mixing different kinds of eggs it might seem an extravagance but, I love surprising my guests! So, here you have the easiest way to prepare an ...

Coca de recapte


Bread, pizza, quiches & sandwiches

Pizza wasn’t born in Italy!!!

Special dressing today: Gerry Rafferty and his Baker Street... what a great song! Feeling melancholic? Turn player on ;D Listen carefully to this: Pizza wasn't invented by Romans!!! Well, yes, kind of... but where did they find inspiration? Here in Catalonia!!! He, he, I'm true ...


Tapas bar | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Tapas Pinchos and montaditos

And finally Spring is here!!! Let's celebrate, and have some Tapas Pinchos and montaditos con cerveza in a sunny street bar's terrace, watching the people walk by, the dogs sniffing the trees and their owners pulling them in a hurry, pigeons trying to eat the small crumbs that fall on ...


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Spicy Snails with herbs

Remember when you were a child and you had one of those wonderful weekends outside the city when your parents took you to the forest, near a creek or by a poppy field; and you had no game boy nor a cell phone and just played with the things that ...


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Sardines in a Pickle – Sardinas en Escabeche and an Award

Did you buy far too much Sardines? Did you see their silver skin shinning on the fishmonger's desk and thought... MMmmm I could have them grilled this Saturday and invite the family over... but then the weather turns rainy and stormy and you change ...


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Spanish Paella: A tutorial. Step by Step with some tips.

Special dressing: Phil Collins with Paradise (turn player on). Spanish Paella is probably one of our most famous dishes worldwide. It all started in Valencia, a beautiful Spanish region also known for its savory oranges. This post pretends to be a guide for all of ...

Suquet de Rap


Fish, seafood & shellfish | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Suquet de Rap

Suquet de Rap means Monkfish soupy dish in Catalan. It has fresh Monkfish, Potatoes, clams and a Picada, this last food preparation is so typical from Catalonia... it's like our mark in terms of Cuisine. This dish has a seaman's origin... and you might be wondering... really? A Fish dish has ...


Cupcakes, cookies & muffins | Fruits

Figs and Vanilla Ice cream

If you ask me which fruit is my favorite, I will tell you that figs are. If you ask me which dessert is my favorite, I will tell you Ice creams are. And if you ask me what would I do in Madagascar... I will tell you: no ...

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