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Winter’s favorite Soup

We, hot blooded animals; we, warm hearted Spaniards; we, passionate people; we… the ones who probably have more bars and terraces per square meter in the world; we have suffered this Siberian freezing snap that has left us shivering, freezing, trembling, cowering and afraid to go outside… Thank God we are back to normal February temperatures now!
I don’t want to imagine how tough it’s been in the centre and east of Europe…

Is there anything more comforting on a cold day/days than a hot plate of soup? I can hear you shouting: a shot of Vodka… yes, yes, that too helps… but, hand me the soup, please!

Really, it’s been very cold here and we are simply not used to it! Every year when winter comes, I prepare my own broth with a huge restaurant sized pot. I cook one every week so that I can always find it in my fridge to be used in soups, stews, legumes, purees, etc.
Yesterday we were under zero but the sun was shining and it didn’t feel that bad after all. But today is cloudy and grey and this is what I had in mind all day until I did it for lunch!

I had two plates! Yes, one after the other ;D


Ingredients for 4 servings: 2 litters of broth, 2 branches of celery, 2 small carrots, 1/4 of a winter cabbage, 150 grs. of boiled chickpeas, 4 slices of black sausage and 4 slices of white sausage. 2 handful of rice and 1 handful of noodles. If you are not the kind of guy/gal that prepares home made broth, then you can use one of those commercialised packed soups.
  • Cut, peel and clean under tap water the celery, the carrots and the cabbage. Dry them and prepare a deep pot with some olive oil; soften the veggies a bit and then pour the broth, bring to boil and add the rice and a bit later the noodles. Boil for 15 minutes aprox. or until the rice is done.
  • In the last minute, add the chickpeas and the white and black sausages (these sausages are already cooked - that's how we buy them here).
  • Taste and add some salt if necessary. Serve hot.
  • Buen provecho!


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02/21/2012 · 10:58 h by bellini

This is a heartwarming soup on a cold winter day Nuria!

02/21/2012 · 13:22 h by Platanos, Mangoes and Me!

The soup lover in me shouts for this soup.

02/21/2012 · 16:30 h by Jenn @leftoverqueen

Definitely looks delicious and warming! Stay warm over there my friend! Looks like Europe got our winter this year!

02/21/2012 · 22:59 h by Peter G | Souvlaki For The Soul

Looks hearty and warm Nuria! I love the addition of sausage and chickpeas!

02/22/2012 · 5:02 h by Ivy

Looks delicious and perfect for cold weather! Yes, we too suffered with Siberian cold. This winter is the coldest I can ever remember here in Athens and still it’s below average. I’ve made so many soups this year that I have never before.

02/23/2012 · 19:22 h by Nathan

The stock you prepared looks so delicious and this recipe de seguro que levanta muertos. very healthy :) I’ll have to prepare it sometime!

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