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Rolled Cucumber salad

Finally the German authorities agreed and confessed that Spanish Cucumbers were not causing the deaths for E. Coli infection. How could they blame on our Cucumbers the E. Coli deaths so easily? How come they didn’t make sure first with some analytics?

Well, the harm is done and now not only cucumbers but also fruits and other vegetables are having difficulties when being exported from our country. Trust is damaged and people probably think: well, let’s wait a bit and see what happens. Meanwhile, tones of cucumbers and other fruits/veggies are thrown away.

I hope they find out soon the source of the problem.

I made this delicious salad to let the world know that our Spanish cucumbers are in perfect shape and health. Please, if you were a consumer, keep on buying and asking for them and if you were not, give them a chance and have a healthy vegetable in your diet now.

Maybe you can add some poppy seeds on top to make it look better?

See what the New York Times says about it.
See what BBC says about it.
See what La Vanguardia says about it.
I hope you enjoy the dish.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 2 boiled eggs, 2 medium kumatos, 1 green onion, 1/2 package of smoked salmon, 1 green pepper, 2 Spanish Cucumbers, some poppy seeds, extra virgin olive oil, modena vinegar and sea salt.

  • Prepare the veggies cut in dices and marinate for a while with the vinegar and olive oil. Cut the cucumber with a mandolin, make the rolls and leave in the fridge until you serve them.


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06/02/2011 · 0:57 h by Peter G @ Souvlaki For The Soul

I read on the news about the Spanish cucumber saga…like you said Nuria, it has already caused some damage. I love what you have presented here. The poppy seeds is a brilliant idea…and this would make a beautiful canape!

06/02/2011 · 1:17 h by bellini

They not only sound delicious but look stunning too Nuria!

06/03/2011 · 19:42 h by Jenn @leftoverqueen

I am so sorry to hear about the cucumbers, Nuria – and so was Pepino! :)

You sure did make a beautiful dish here! Happy weekend to you and your family!

06/03/2011 · 21:28 h by Anonymous

Nice recipe…
Anyway..who’s gonna pay for everything?

06/09/2011 · 3:18 h by Gloria

Nuria, your cucumber rolls look delicious!!!! besos, gloria

06/09/2011 · 18:08 h by Stacy

I just recently read about this crisis =( So sad! I hate to think of all the money lost, and especially all of that lovely produce wasted! This recipe looks delicious, I hope that the situation resolves quickly!
Take care! Stacy

07/18/2011 · 21:16 h by we are never full

i’m really loving all of these hot-weather, fresh and light dishes on the site right now! i just went to the gym for the 1st time in almost a year (did you know jonny and i had a baby in october?)… anyways, needless to say, i need some of these healthy dishes in my life!

09/22/2011 · 14:43 h by retriever

Very lovely presentation, only that we want to eat. greeting from Belgium

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