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Romesco Sauce


The bases | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Romesco Sauce

Here you have the Queen of the Catalan Sauces: Romesco! It's perfect for meat, fish, rice, pasta, potatoes, vegetables.... anything! This time of year is the right moment to prepare it because… It's Calçots time!!! In case you wonder what a Calçot or Calçotada is, follow this ...


Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Calçots in Tempura

These are our famous sweet early onions called Calçots that we eat dipped in salsa romesco after they are cooked on the grill in special outdoor grills. If the weekend is sunny and you have a piece of land where you can set a grill, then get some ...



Soups, salads, vegetables & potatoes | Traditional Spanish Recipes


My apologies dear readers and bloggers... the sun has finally warmed up our land and I can't be more than 10 minutes seating in front of the computer. Spring is here! Almond trees are blooming and pollen is getting ready to fill our lungs. My mimosa tree is all yellow ...


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Season Veggies with 3 Sauces

Special dressing: Louis Armstrong and Ella Fitzeral (such great people, such great singers) Get yourself to heaven!!! (turn player on)If these veggies were an actor they'd be Brad Pitt, if they were an Island they'd be Seychelles, if they were a trip they'd be one to ...

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