Paella with Iberian Pork rib

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Paella with Iberian Pork Ribs

Paella’s basic recipe steps are always the same: High quality ingredients (doesn’t mean they have to be expensive; just seasonal), a good sofritoa flavourful and consistent fish/meat stock and love & patience :D. So, this time I’m presenting you this Paella with Iberian Pork Ribs! It’s just too bad that those of you whom live far away from Spain cannot get the chance to taste these ribs… you should trust me when I tell you that they are spectacular!!! Another dimension! They will blow your mind and palate!

Paella with Pork rib

So, we have the Iberian Pork Ribs… What else could we add to the Paella to get a perfect symphony of flavours? This fall is being so generous with wild mushrooms that we have to take profit of it before they are all gone, so the next ingredient is one of my favorite mushrooms: Boletus Edulisthis is a thick and round fall mushroom which I like to use either dehidrated or fresh. The green ingredient will the artichoke… I know it’s a bit too early for them, but I couldn’t resist myself since they combine so well and I adore their taste here. And also we will prepare a ham stock to enhance the pork flavour here.

Paella with Iberian Pork rib

The final touch will be some foie shavings on top. Can you say no to this paella?

No excuses! You can find all kind of Paella pans here.

Notice that even though this dish might look similar to the last one I did with rice and mushrooms, the techniques and steps to cook one and the other are so different. In this one (Paella) you make sure the grains get all the flavor of the different components and putting a fork full of rice in your mouth will be a wonderful experience :D.

Paella with Iberian Pork ribs


Ingredients for 4 servings: 400 grs of Bomba rice (round grain) 2 cups, 5 cups of ham stock, 100 grs of fresh boletus edulis, 600 grs of Iberian Pork rib cut in dices, 4 artichokes, 1 onion, 3 tablespoons of canned fried tomato, salt, olive oil and a bit of foie. For the stock: ham bones (1,3 kg) and 4 mineral water litters.

  • Prepare the ham stock (2 final liters): Place the ham bones inside a deep pot and cover with the water. When it starts boiling take out the white foam and impurities. Let it boil for 1 1/2 hours. Strain and when rested, take the grease on top out.
  • Pour some olive oil in the Paella pan and sear the meat, salt to your taste. Cook at high temperature the ribs until golden, then low the temperature and
  • Start the sofrito: peel and cut the onion and soften it with a bit of olive oil inside the Paella pan, when soften, add the artichokes peeled and cut in 4 each. Let it caramelize, when the artichokes are soft, add the mushrooms cut in slices, when they soften, add the fried tomato and stir all the ingredients for one more minute.
  • Bring the strained stock to boil.
  • Pour the rice inside the paella pan and stir it all together, make sure every grain takes contact with the paella surface. Stir for 3 minutes at medium/high temperature. Add the 5 cups of ham stock, stir once more and let it cook (first 5 minutes at high temperature. The next 13 at medium/low. Taste and add some salt if necessary (notice that the ham stock will be strong). When the time is over, take the Paella pan outside the heat and cover with a lid for 5 more minutes. If you noticed there wasn't enough stock during the process, you can add a bit more (always boiling).
  • Prepare the dish with a round mold and place the foie shavings on top.


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11/04/2013 · 13:18 h by norma

Sounds wonderful and a truly beautiful dish. Another eork of art

11/04/2013 · 14:01 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Norma! Next time we can have it at home con una buena copa de vino ;D

11/04/2013 · 14:41 h by bellini

my friend dina is coming to Spain and Barcelona for 2 months in January. I hope she gets the chance to try Iberian ribs. She has a sophisticated palate and will appreciate all food in Spain. I know she will be in Barcelona a few times.

11/04/2013 · 16:45 h by Núria Farregut

She will surely try them, Val! Can’t wait to meet her :D

11/05/2013 · 0:50 h by Medha

Your pictures are so tempting! Looks so delicious- love your recipe!

11/05/2013 · 2:34 h by Joan Nova

I could never say ‘no’ to this dish. It looks wonderfully flavorful.

11/06/2013 · 10:24 h by Núria Farregut

Thanks Medha! Presenting the dishes in a nice way makes them so tempting, right?

As I said to Norma, next time we have it with a good glass of wine ;D

11/12/2013 · 19:56 h by David Stranahan

This was very tasty. I used baby portobello mushrooms in my preparation. For the stock I used smoke ham hocks that provided a lot of flavor. I had enough stock left over that I was able to use in making a bean soup. I think if I make this again I will add a bit more vegetable to the mix. Perhaps increase the amount of artichoke, onion, or another ingredient. This was delicious and a nice recipe for the Autumn. It was also a nice variation from the more familiar seafood paella. Thanks for sharing this recipe!

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