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You are all invited to these Tapas and Wine!

Welcome to my place!!! Please take a seat and enjoy these Tapas I prepared for you. Imagine it’s a beautiful sunny day, you are on a bar terrace in front of the beach and the table is set with these tapas and a glass of Spanish wine! Those of you with more imagination… imagine… imagine… you don’t need me to tell you what else is on the picture, right?

These tapas and good wine is my way to say Thanks to Jenn DiPiazza for letting me be part of her foodie blogroll. I had a great time participating at her month’s Joust and I encourage everyone to take part in it… it’s so much fun!!!

Congratulations to the winner Ley for her creative mushrooms panneer!!! Congratulations to Holler for the beautiful pumpkin fondue and also more Felicitaciones to Dharm and Judy for their third place!!!

Also I wanted to thank the people who voted for my Snow white recipe invention and also to all participants. It was great fun! Thanks Jenn!

All the tapas you see here are very easy to perform, surprise your family! If you don’t find the wines… a good cold beer is always a great choice for the tapas.
Tapas is the way we call a small portion of a dish. They are usually eaten at Bars with a cold beer or a glass of wine. There’s as many as you can imagine, you can have a tapa of Spanish omelette for example or a tapa of sauteed mushrooms, or russian salad, or these that follow hereunder.

Potatoes with Allioli on top. Make the allioli with 2-3 garlic cloves and it will be perfect! First boil the potatoes and after fry them. Eat when it’s still hot.

Clams with green sauce. Use parsley, garlic cloves and olive oil for the sauce. Get the clams in olive oil, garlics and parsley and heat until they open. When they are done add more garlic and parsley.

Chorizo Asturiano. Just fry it with a bit of olive oil and medium/low heat… Delicious! Have the slices of bread in the oily pan for some seconds and add the chorizo on top.

This is a young and dry wine. It should be drunk when it’s cold. Perfect for tapas and also good for Seafood and fish dishes such as Lobster rice, Monkfish with Romesco, Hake Galician Style… It will soon be on the market the 2007 vintage.


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11/07/2007 · 23:28 h by ley

Mmm- those look amazing! I will definately have to try that wine, too…I hope I can find it at a store near me!

Thank you again! I hope you participate next time, too!! I come from a very latin-influenced background as well, so hopefully the ingredients will lend themselves nicely to your style of cooking, too! :)

11/08/2007 · 3:12 h by Peter M

OLE! I love Tapas, Meze, dim sum…bring on the many bites of different food and hours of good conversation and drink!

11/11/2007 · 23:13 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow Nuria! Those look delicious! I am so honored that you have prepared then in my name. I really love Tapas! I actually just had a dream the other night that I had a Tapas reception for my wedding! Now your post! How funny is that?!

07/06/2009 · 19:00 h by Ruth

Hi Nuria! So glad I found your blog! Love the recipes and the food! Couldnt find you on foodbuzz. Are you still there?

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