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OLIVE OIL – Eating Good Feeling Good Event

Olive oil is such a great representative of our Mediterranean gastronomy and culture. From my point of view, is one of the most important products we have. I don't think there's a single kitchen in Spain that doesn't have at ...


Rice & pasta | Traditional Spanish Recipes

Rossejat de Fideus – Toasted noodles (a daring translation!)

There is some confusion with Rossejat de Fideus and Fideuà. In Catalan, fideus means noodles, so both dishes have noodles as main ingredient. The difference lies in the size of the noodle, the way to cook it, the ingredients and the procedure of the dish....


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You are all invited to these Tapas and Wine!

Welcome to my place!!! Please take a seat and enjoy these Tapas I prepared for you. Imagine it's a beautiful sunny day, you are on a bar terrace in front of the beach and the table is set with these tapas and a glass of Spanish wine! Those of you ...

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