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Ham Wrapped Asparagus with Romesco sauce

♫ Birds flying high… you know how I feel ♫ Time to cheer up, time for swallows to come back to their last year’s nest, time for diets, time for wild asparagus… time for a new Foodie Royal Joust!!!
This month’s ingredients are: Asparagus, almonds and lemongrass. I got all mixed up with lemongrass and thought it was lemon verbena :(. I’m equally posting the recipe, however, I’m not sending it to the Joust because I didn’t use the requested ingredients! Oh, well, maybe next month I pay more attention ;D.
It’s been some weeks now that I don’t feel much like seating in front of the computer spending hours and hours like I used to. Believe me if I tell you that I think of you all every single day and this makes me feel bad because I don’t take the time to visit your blogs… Today, I want to start a new routine in my life: biking! Blogging and cooking can be an explosive mixture and I have gained some kilos since I first started. So I made up my mind and I want to get rid of those fats around my waist. See who’s going to help here :D

Starting today, I’ll bike for 1-2 hours a couple of days per week. My purpose: loose 5 to 8 kilos… I’m an optimist!!!! ;D

Ham wrapped asparagus and Romesco sauce is not very high on calories, if we take this as the first dish and have some Marinated sardines as a second it becomes a fantastic menu for a light lunch.

Want to know another light menu for dinner? Try these: Russian Salad (I would avoid the egg) and Sweet and Sour Swordfish… delicious!!!!

Please bear with me… I just need to get a bit organized and I will be back with you all :D


Ingredients for 4 servings: 12 green asparagus, a bunch of dried lemon verbena, 150 grs of Iberian Acorn Ham, 4 tablespoons of romesco sauce (get the recipe ingredients here), olive oil and salt.

  • Get some salty water boiling. Add your clean asparagus and let them boil for only 2 minutes. Get a recipient ready with fresh water, some lemon verbena infused water and ice cubes. When the asparagus are done dive them in the cold water.
  • After 5 minutes strain and reserve. Dry them and wrap with the ham.
  • Prepare a big frying pan with just a bit of olive oil and fry the wrapped asparagus until they get some colour. Reserve and serve hot.
  • Eat together with the Romesco sauce. Dip the asparagus in it :D
  • If you cannot find Iberian acorn ham. Use your local ham or even bacon.


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03/24/2009 · 12:58 h by Joan Nova

…and it’s a colorful presentation as well! Don’t go too far the bicycle. We wouldn’t want you to lose your way back to us.

03/24/2009 · 15:06 h by Ben

Awww querida! That dish looks so delicious that I think it could win on the Joust. Too bad you are not sending it :( Anyway, I am also trying to spend more time away from the computer and out doing some physical activities. I joined a volleyball league and when that is over I am going to get out my bike and roller skates because I am tired of the extra kilos! Being fit rules! :-p

03/24/2009 · 17:00 h by Daniel

I just wanted to tell you that I discovered your blog today and I fell in love with it! I love your recipes and how you show how to do everything so clearly. And of course I love Spanish food.

I’m planning on introducing you to my readers in my upcoming Friday links post.

Casual Kitchen

03/24/2009 · 18:07 h by _ts of [eatingclub] vancouver

Oh, I know what you mean about the weight gain! I don’t know if it’s the food blogging or the geenral aging. Haha… We call it the “pants conspiracy” — pants seems to talk among themselves and decide to shrink! ;D

03/24/2009 · 19:49 h by Mercè

Núria, veig que t’hi has posat de valent amb l’operació bikini, eh? ;)
Oh, aquest combinat dels espàrrecs amb el pernil ha de ser rebó!!

03/24/2009 · 22:20 h by janetching

Hi Nuria, I attemped to make a dish with these 3 ingredients, tasted very good but pictures not so nice, not sure if i will submit too.

03/24/2009 · 22:22 h by janetching

forgot to say anything with Jamon, I love it ! Want a piece of yours :)

03/25/2009 · 0:26 h by Bellini Valli

Good for you Nuria for getting out there. I know we all sit too much in front of the computer. I try and keep it down to just early mornings for me when everyone else is asleep.

03/25/2009 · 4:26 h by Ivy

It must be Spring. I feel the same and I am also trying not to spend too many hours on the computer and shall try even more. Biking does a great workout.

03/25/2009 · 8:33 h by Peter G

Si…yo entiendo Nuria! A mix of activities is good when combined with blogging…looking after your health is also important. I love the simplicity of the asparagus con jamon!

03/25/2009 · 16:11 h by Karen Brown Letarte

Nuria, I just love your dish! What a shame it won’t be in the joust. It looks so gorgeous! :)

Good luck with your new bike routine. I need to shed some kilos too, and started a new blog about my attempt to get back into shape. You can get to it from my food blog.

Enjoy the beautiful spring weather on your bike rides! :) K

03/26/2009 · 6:32 h by Marc @ NoRecipes

Looks delicious Nuria, I know what you mean about the cooking/blogging combo leading to extra weight. I was trying to convince myself that it was just my winter insulation, but as the weather starts to warm up here that excuse won’t hold up much longer!

03/26/2009 · 15:05 h by Peter M

Si si…I too adore wrapping pork around aspargus!

Happy trails on the bicyle.

03/30/2009 · 15:35 h by glamah16

My favorite way to eat asparagus.

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