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Rabbit & Noodles Casserole

Special dressing: Il Mondo (an italian touch for this pasta) Turn player on. Isn’t this song BEAUTIFUL?

Have you noticed how much I like rabbit? I bet you did! This will be my third rabbit recipe and there’s still more to come!!!

Nowadays, the North American recession is also affecting European economy and particularly here in Spain, there’s a big problem with the Construction and Property sector. This is also affecting some related areas and therefore food and clothes prices raise, among other things. My groceries/fish/meat budget is feeling it so hard! Today is our street Market and I bought two packages of asparagus, 4 dark purple shinny and hard eggplants, 7 to 8 red medium onions, 4 huge leeks, 1 Kg of ripe tomatoes, 9 artichokes, 2 garlic heads, a bunch of carrots and 3/4 Kg of green beans… it all cost me nearly 19 Euros… Yesterday I went to one of Barcelona’s big markets and bought 3 pieces of salty cod, for a new recipe I’m thinking of, and cost me approx 17 Euros… Life is not cheap at all!!!

Rabbit is one of the meats that still keeps a good price and here at home, we love its flavour. Also it has so many cooking applications that I usually cook it once a week. Here you have a very easy recipe to perform, with cheap ingredients, high in proteins… perfect to load your body with energy!!! If you’d rather have chicken with these noodles, go ahead! If you have artichokes or peas or any other veggie, that’s fine, the result will be good too!

This is my entry for Presto Pasta Nights Event at Ruth’s blog Once upon a Feast. Please head to her place for wonderful Pasta recipes ideas♥

Hope you enjoy it :D

Get Power Point recipe (I’m not embedding it in the post because it weights too much and then it takes too long to download the page)

•Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 rabbit cut in 8 pieces, 1 big red onion, 2 garlic cloves, 5 spoon table of fried tomatoe sauce (didn’t have ripe tomatoes this time), 24 fresh green beans cut in pieces, 250 grs of noodles, water, olive oil, parsley and salt.

•Add some olive oil in a casserole, place the cleaned and salted rabbit inside and roast until golden, add the chopped onion and garlic. When the onion is transparent, add the green beans.

•Stir for some minutes until you see the beans get tender, then add the tomatoe sauce.
•Stir for one minute and add the noodles. Stir to avoid them to stuck in the base of the casserole

•Add enough water to nearly cover the rabbit and let it cook for (see your pasta package instructions). Taste and add salt if needed. Two minutes before is done, add some minced parsley.
•Once the noodles are cooked, wait for 2-3 minutes and sprinkle some minced fresh parsley on top. Ready to eat!


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04/04/2008 · 13:32 h by Elly

This looks delicious Nuria! I love rabbit too, and it looks great with the pasta.

04/04/2008 · 13:38 h by Peter M

Nuria, I did a quick calculation of what your groceries would cost here and with the exchange, it would cost me about 15 euros, so the prices are similar.

On to the rabbit, I love rabbit but it has gotten costly here too. I like adding wine to the stew and lots of onion.

I’ll be there for leftovers…in 8 hours! lol

04/04/2008 · 14:53 h by Bellini Valli

I can see that you do love rabbit Nuria. It is something that is not seen that often in the markets here. We do have a very large population of wild rabbits here in Kelowna that the city fathers are trying to decide what to do with. Perhaps we will see hassenpfeffer in the freezer soon:D In the meantime I will enjoy your pictures and hear your love of these dishes:D

04/04/2008 · 15:40 h by Ruth Daniels

thanks for sharing with PResto Pasta Nights. I believe it’s the first rabbit dish we’ve ever had.

04/04/2008 · 16:06 h by Núria

Thanks Elly! You are invited to my table :D

Darling Peter! Thanks for making the effort and calculating the prices :D I wonder if salaries are equivalent too… let me doubt that it is so!

On to the rabbit, this is mainly a pasta dish not a stew rabbit, that’s why there’s some small differences here ;-)

Thanks sweet Val! Rabbit is one of the meats that has less calories and less fat, that’s why we eat it often too! :D

04/04/2008 · 16:07 h by Núria

Really Ruth? This is such a normal/daily dish here. Thanks for your nice words.

04/04/2008 · 16:41 h by Peter G

I’ve eaten rabbit before but not with noodles…your recipes are always interesting Nuria. Muy bien.

04/04/2008 · 17:22 h by Pixie

We’re fortunate that it only costs £3.50 here at the market. I absolutely love rabbit and have two recipes thus far on my blog. This sounds great Nuria, keep those gorgeous recipes heading our way!

04/04/2008 · 18:07 h by Núria

Thanks Peter!

Pixie, here it costs 11 Euros per kilo. I’ll check your recipes on rabbit and see how you do it :D

04/04/2008 · 19:46 h by Ivy

Hola Nuria,
Although we love rabbit I only have one recipe on the blog. Rabbit meat is very lean and has no cholesterol, so you are eating healthy as well as cheap. I am sure all the things you bought at your market would costs maybe just a little bit less here in Greece but also let’s compare basic salaries. Here it’s about 700 Euros a month.

04/04/2008 · 20:43 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

This recipe is so timely. I was just standing in my supermarket the other day and usually I walk by the frozen foods without even looking but some meat caught my eye. There was rabbit. I think I may try this recipe with some of the rabbit!

04/04/2008 · 22:39 h by giz

Your dish looks just totally amazing – why can’t I get past the whole idea of eating Thumper. I’ve never eaten rabbit – everyone says it’s wonderful…maybe some day.

04/04/2008 · 22:42 h by Ben

Oh Nuria, I love you even more now. My parents bred rabbits for a while and we ate one at least evry week. They are cute and delicious to eat too. Hehehe.

04/05/2008 · 7:41 h by Núria

Hi Ivy! 700 Euros is not much!!! In Spain we complain because is about 1000 Euros!!!!

Hola Judy! I hope you enjoy it♥ It’s great you just saw some. Please tell me if you finally cook it! :D

It’s too bad you feel bad about eating rabbit… but I know what you mean! If one day you get over that feeling, you won’t be deceived :D

I love you t♥♥ darling Peter! Let’s eat a rabbit to celebrate it ;-)

04/05/2008 · 19:19 h by Cynthia

I have obviously been missing out on some yummy eats!

Thanks for stopping by my blog and helping me to discover yours!

04/05/2008 · 19:35 h by katiez

I love rabbit and always order it on menus when we eat out. Mon mari, doesn’t, though so I don’t get to fix it at home. It’s a French staple, as well, so always at the shops!

04/05/2008 · 20:42 h by Núria

Hi Cynthia! I’m so happy you came over to visit!!
Your blog impressed me a lot :D! Hope you enjoy my recipes too!!!

Hola Katie! I love rabbit and mon mari too! Well, if you ever come for a paella I won’t use rabbit, it will be a seafood one, ok?

04/06/2008 · 22:53 h by Heather

I also love rabbit, and eat it fairly often. I have some in my freezer right now! This looks beautiful, and I will definitely try your recipe (I usually braise it in cheap white wine, but that’s too boring).

04/06/2008 · 23:34 h by Maryann

Hi Nuria! I have yet to try rabbit. I can’t believe it! Your dish looks delicious :)

04/07/2008 · 7:12 h by Núria

Hola Heather… you are back!!!!!! You won’t be deceived is so simple and so tasty :D

Hola Maryann! Give it a try… if you don’t feel bad about it, it’s worth to try ;-)

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