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Trinxat – A Catalan Tale for Kids, El Patufet

Era una vegada… This is how catalan tales usually start, it’s our “once upon a time”. And this tale called El Patufet (The tinny boy) has something to do with my dish today : Trinxat de col i patata.

Once upon a time there was this little tinny boy, so small so small that nobody could see him at first. One day after begging his mom for weeks, he had permission to go to the field, where his dad worked the land, and take him his lunch. During the way Patufet sang a song so that nobody would step on him and the people run away frightened to see a basket full of food signing and rolling down the streets!

If you want to have a good laugh then have the Special dressing -The song went like this:
patufet1.mp3 Only for adults with a kids’ heart!

On his way to dad’s field, it started to rain so heavily that he had to look for shelter under a cabbage. The poor boy was so tired that he fell asleep and a big cow that was eating nearby saw the cabbage and swallowed it with Patufet and the basket food included!!!

At night, when his parents couldn’t find him anywhere started to shout in the fields his name: Patufeeeeet, where are you? And he would answer from the cows’ belly: I’m in the cows’ belly, where it doesn’t rain nor snow!!!! When they heart his voice they started to feed the cow and the belly grew bigger and bigger until the cow fartted so loud that Patufet came out as a bullet from the cows stomach.

And this is a happy ending for a cute kids’ story… about a small tinny boy, a cow and a cabbage!

Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 medium winter cabbage, 1 1/4 kilos of potatoes, 8 slices of cured bacon, 3 garlic cloves, olive oil and salt.

* Clean the cabbage and boil the leaves in salty water. When they are half boiled add the potatoes cut in big dices. Let it cook until potatoes are done. Strain and reserve.

* In a big saucepan pour some olive oil and when hot add the bacon slices and fry until crunchy. Reserve over some kitchen paper so that the oil stays there.

* In the same saucepan with the same oil add the garlics cut in slices. When golden add the cabbage and potatoe. Stir and fry at medium heat and with the wooden spoon break the potatoes and cabbage. Taste and add some more salt if necessary. Stir and make sure they get all oil and flavours and turn off the heat.

* Make whatever shape you like with the veggies and present on a plate with the bacon flags on top. Once the shape is done, and before putting the bacon on top, you can also golden it a bit with some hot olive oil in another pan so that it gets a bit crusty.


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02/29/2008 · 19:35 h by Peter M

I’m laughing and I’m smiling…what a cute story and a song by you Nuria…the newest member of the Pussycat Dolls!

Your appetizer is wonderful, I love the bacon flags.


02/29/2008 · 20:17 h by Peter G

Oh Nuria! That was so funny! I love all your stories…And I certainly love potatoes, cabbage and bacon…mmmm. Another interesting recipe. Gracias amiga! (tengo hambre ahora!)

02/29/2008 · 20:40 h by Pixie

Nuria I really love this recipe, especially since I have cabbage left in the fridge that will need using up! Thanks for sharing.

02/29/2008 · 22:18 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

This looks absolutely yummy, and the story was cute!

03/01/2008 · 1:03 h by Emiline

Mmm, bacon.

That’s why you should never hide under a cabbage.
The very same thing happened to me when I was a child. I still smell like the inside of a cow.

03/01/2008 · 10:41 h by katiez

I haven’t had trinxat since I left Andorra – I’m going to have to make it myself! I’d never heard the story – it’s hilarious!

03/01/2008 · 14:33 h by Bellini Valli

You know that I love everything with potatoes Nuria:D Thanks for sharing the little boy in your garden and the “children at heart” story :D

03/01/2008 · 19:03 h by Núria

I knew you would appreciate my notes here, Peter! he, he, so glad you liked it and so glad you keep that little chico in you :D

Hola Peter! Your Spanish is very good!!!! I’m so happy you enjoyed it! Muchas gracias, amigo!

Thanks Pixie! Hope you enjoy it!!!

What were you doing under a cabbage Emiline? Dreaming about some treats and sweets?? :D

Hola Guapa! You should be catalan to know about Patufet! But that’s why I wanted to share it with all of you :D

Hola Val! Now everytime I cook something that has potatoes involved in, I think of you!!!! Really!
I’m so happy you enjoyed the story! :D

03/01/2008 · 19:17 h by Decorina

I too have some cabbage waiting in the refrigerator. Can’t wait to cook this.

Loved the story, Nuria.

03/02/2008 · 2:16 h by Heather

That is such a silly story! I like this recipe, it looks perfect for spring!

03/02/2008 · 14:09 h by Gloria

Nuria, que lindo se ve este plato, me encant� Gloria xxxx

03/02/2008 · 15:26 h by amy

I’m know I’m late w/ my comment, but this looks really delicious! What a cool and interesting side-dish too! OF COURSE, Nuria… always a charming introduction to your delish recipes! you’re so cute!! hope you had a nice weekend!

03/03/2008 · 8:04 h by Núria

Hi Decorina! Hope your trinxat comes out tasty and flavourful♥

Hola Heather! I love silly stories! :D

Gracias Gloria!

Hola Amy! I had a wonderful sunny/relaxing/beachwalking weekend!!! Hope yours was great too!

03/05/2008 · 11:33 h by Pixie

Nuria, best of luck with the artichoke recipe- I hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

03/05/2008 · 13:12 h by Núria

Hey Pixie, now they are in our bellies!!!! They were great! I changed a bit the recipe… will show you the pics soon!

03/06/2008 · 9:14 h by Pixie

ah wonderful glad you liked them and look forward to seeing your version!

10/26/2013 · 1:48 h by El Cavatast | Mad Dog TV Dinners

[...] Fideuà and Allioli (top) – a Paella like seafood dish, where vermicelli replaces the rice. Trinxat (left) – boiled cabbage and potatoes, fried with pork belly or bacon, very much like Bubble [...]

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