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Duck with Pears aromatized with anise

Would you (American readers) consider cooking duck instead of turkey this coming Thanksgiving? Or is it part of the tradition to eat turkey on a day like this? Even though, we don't celebrate Thanksgiving, we do celebrate Christmas and I'm starting to sharpen my knives and bring the huge pots and ...


Meat & poultry

Pato a la Naranja Especiado – Spiced Orange Duck – Ànec a la Taronja amb Espècies

... with spices and honey!!! Isn't it a Christmas dish? Hou, hou, hou... you better cook it after lunch or after dinner because the aroma that will fill your kitchen will drive you crazy otherwise! To be honest, I must cook about 3 or 4 ...


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Noodles Paella with Duck

Special dressing's today: Dire Straits ==> Twisting by the Pool... Eating by the pool, Having fun by the pool, Resting by the pool, Drinking gin tonic in the evening by the Pool... Get the idea???? Haaaaahhhha... Isn't it great to be on holidays?See? I didn't ...


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Summer Salad with Duck’s Ham

PLEASE NOTICE THAT TASTESPOTTING IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD!!! JUST HURT AND IN THE ICU... MEANWHILE GO AND HAVE A TOAST AT LIQURIOUS.There's a saying here in Spain that goes: ¿Querías caldo? ¡Toma 2 tazas! The literal translation would be: Did you want a broth? Here ...


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Duck’s Breast Dressed in Nuts and Herbs with Raspberries’ Sauce

Time for the LeftOverQueen Joust again!!! You still have some days left to enter into this FANTABULOUS Foodie Event! Easy rules, great entries, big expectation, wonderful recipes... what else can you ask for? The Joust is served! For those of you who still ...


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Duck Breast with Wine Pears

Special dressing: Michael Buble.This weekend has been very windy. It's been soooo windy we couldn't even go for a walk, instead, I have been cooking like a maniac: cooked some more tapas (a new post will follow) some Rice Lobster (also will post soon) and this ...


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Duck’s Wings’ Rice

Special dressing: Barry Manilow (turn player on)Yes, I'm crazy about rice!!! Having the method of Paella in mind... anyone can cook a "chooseyouringredients paella"! I like all kinds, such as rabbit, duck, seafood, mushrooms, sea and land, only veggies, lobster... Just think about an ingredient and see ...


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Please rise your hands the ones that wouldn't eat this croquettes.... MMmmmmm such a delish! Crunchy outside and soft and tender inside. C'mon try to cook them yourself and you will be pleased with the result! Your kids will love them!!!The ...

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