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Walnut and Parsley Bread

Do you want to see my newborn? Hush, hush, don't wake him up... don't you see he's just born? See how cute and fine he is? See what a brown beautiful skin he has? Get your nose close to the screen and breath deeply... ...


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Rice Mint Balls with Pistachios and Shrimps

Good morning Starshines, good afternoon... good evening... or good night! It's finally sunny and hot here :D and I'm planning to go to the beach and to the swimming pool for this loooooong coming weekend! So I'm afraid I won't be seeing your beautiful faces ...


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Summer Salad with Duck’s Ham

PLEASE NOTICE THAT TASTESPOTTING IS NOT COMPLETELY DEAD!!! JUST HURT AND IN THE ICU... MEANWHILE GO AND HAVE A TOAST AT LIQURIOUS.There's a saying here in Spain that goes: ¿Querías caldo? ¡Toma 2 tazas! The literal translation would be: Did you want a broth? Here ...


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Duck’s Breast Dressed in Nuts and Herbs with Raspberries’ Sauce

Time for the LeftOverQueen Joust again!!! You still have some days left to enter into this FANTABULOUS Foodie Event! Easy rules, great entries, big expectation, wonderful recipes... what else can you ask for? The Joust is served! For those of you who still ...


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Butifarra’s Omelette

What is it that makes someone sad or low down when it has all necessities covered? Is it the weather? Is it a bad feeding? Is it... is it... What's wrong with me today? I have everything I need, I'm in good health, nothing is ...


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♫ Chocolate and Nuts Stave ♪ – Event

Kids are my Achilles' heel... there's something about them that makes me want to hug them, play with them, observe them, make them laugh ( a children's laughter is one of the most valuated sounds on earth for me).This post is about kids, music, chocolate ...

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