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Codfish Gratiné with Allioli

•Ingredients: 4 pieces of codfish, olive oil, flour and allioli.

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•First of all you have to make allioli. See my recipe.
•Take the codfish which you have previously desalated and rinse it.

•Dry the codfish with some kitchen paper.
•Pour some oil in a pan and wait until it gets hot.
•Coat in flour and
•Fry in the oil.

•Fry it both sides, maximum 3 minutes per side.
•Take outside the pan and put in a receptacle than can go into the oven.
•Have the oven ready for gratin (only the upper heat at maximum).

•Cover every piece of codfish with allioli.
•Have it in the oven and gratin for 3 to 4 minutes.

•It’s ready to eat!


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