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Spanish Deviled Eggs. Have you got the Eggs?

This is just the right time to talk about something that I have always wondered about: Do Spanish expressions coincide with the English ones? For example I say: Ojo por ojo and in English you say An eye for an eye. The meaning of the expression is the same in the two languages and the words we used also mean the same… Isn’t it pretty?

Now, let’s choose another one: A buen hambre no hay pan duro (literally translated means that when you are hungry there’s no hard/old bread) and in English you say: Hunger is the best sauce. Also, we say: ni hablar del peluquín, which means No way! and literally translated would be: no way we’ll talk about the men’s wig. This one is funny… ugh?

You cannot imagine how many expressions we have about eggs! I chose some for you :D

Olé tus huevos – We say this to a person that’s been very daring or brave.
Costar un huevo – It costs an egg… meaning it’s expensive.
Andar pisando huevos – To walk on eggs… meaning to walk very slowly.
Tener huevos – To the have eggs… to have the guts.
Me toca los huevos - It touches my eggs It’s pissing me off.
Estoy hasta los huevos! – I’m up to the eggs… I’m fed up.

Of course, some of these eggs are not only hen’s… they have a sexual connotation too.
And now to the recipe!

I picked this Recipe from Rachel’s blog Coconut & Lime. She has an event going on to celebrate her 4 year blogging… Pffffiiiiiuuuuuu… Congratulations Rachel!!! We are supposed to choose a recipe of hers and perform it in our blog. The title of this one got all my attention… I didn’t know what Spanish Deviled Eggs were, so here they are… one never ends learning, right?

Ingredients for 4 servings: 8 boiled eggs, 2 tablespoons of mayonnaise, 2 tablespoons of Dijon mustard, 1 1/2 teaspoon of capers, 1 fresh parsley finely minced and some hot red paprika. Two green hot peppers aside.

In a small bowl mix all ingredients together with the eggs’ yolks (not the green peppers). Use this sauce to fill the eggs halves and sprinkle with a bit of additional paprika.

The tablespoons were not large. Please see the original recipe here. I must say we enjoyed it very much :D


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06/04/2008 · 13:42 h by Peter G

Eggs are under rated Nuria! They are actually very good for you if you don’t eat too many. Your devilled eggs look marvellous.

06/04/2008 · 13:44 h by Peter M

Oh Nuria, I could have lots of fun playing with sayings in English and Greek…the results are hilarious!

I love deviled eggs but one has to be careful, they are so delicious and one must watch their cholestrol.

So, Chica…I’ll have just 5! lol

06/04/2008 · 14:04 h by Ann

I love deviled eggs and I’m so glad to see that they’re making a come-back of sorts!

06/04/2008 · 14:36 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

I love deviled eggs. This recipe sounds nice and spicy. I bet it was delicious!

06/04/2008 · 15:27 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

I love idioms! I remember that in Norwegian, they don’t say, walking on eggshells, they say, walking in the salad, and if you want to say beating around the bush, you instead say they walk around hot porridge like a cat!

Oh and I love your deviled eggs! YUM

06/04/2008 · 15:40 h by Jan

Hey Nuria,

Nice post! I have some more suggestions, although they’re not exactly food-related…

Let’s see if you recognize these:

For if the flies!!

From lost to the river!

A couple of good Spanish (Catalan) friends taught me these and others, but I can’t remember them right now.

I love your blog! Long live good food!

06/04/2008 · 18:59 h by Núria

Hola Peter :D. Still so far away to get as good as you in the pictures!!! But trying ;-). I agree with you: eggs are great but 3 a week maximum.

C’mon Peter :D. Go ahead! Translate some Greek expressions for us ;-). Perrea Perrea… all the eggs are for meeeeeee ;-)

Ann, the recipe I picked from Rachel was from 2006 :D

It was great Judy, but to be honest, I’m not a lover of moustard… it’s too strong for my delicate palate ;-)

He, he… Jenn I think there will be more posts with food and Idioms :D.

Hola Jan!!! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D.
Of course I recognise these expressions… they make me laugh too!!!
Thanks so much for your kind words :D

06/04/2008 · 20:01 h by Bellini Valli

Spanish Eggs look amazing and photograph beautifuly Nuria!! We also say, “walking on eggshells” which means very carefully:D

06/05/2008 · 6:10 h by Swati: Sugarcraft India

Hi Nuria
Some of the expressions are really funny!!..
Love the devilled eggs..they look marvellous!!

06/05/2008 · 11:17 h by

These look great! Great post – it brought a smile to my face :-)

06/05/2008 · 11:52 h by Núria

Hi Eatlikeagirl!!! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D
As long as you think my food is good and my blog is amusing… I’m happy :D.
Thanks for your comment!

06/05/2008 · 15:37 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I love eggs in any way, shape or form, and these look wonderful!

When I was living in Russia, I liked picking up expressions that meant the same thing in English and in Russian like:

In English – The grass is always greener on the other side

In Russian – The girls are always prettier in the next village.

I love universal proverbs!

06/05/2008 · 16:04 h by Katie

I love those expressions! We didn’t learn anything similar to those in Spanish class at school :)

06/05/2008 · 17:30 h by Pilar - Lechuza

Núria, tiene güebos este post…je,je. La verdad es que comparando los dos idiomas, las frases son bastante graciosas.
De la receta qué decirte….dónde estén un par de huevos..
un abrazo desde Galicia

06/05/2008 · 19:18 h by Ivy

Hola Nuria, there you see, you made my day again with these lovely phrases you chose for us. Your eggs are lovely and wow your photos are improving day by day. I have the “You make my Day Award” for you chica.

06/05/2008 · 19:21 h by Núria

Were you living in Russia? How interesting!!! You must have tones of stories to tell Jen!

I bet we have this same one, but now it doesn’t come to my mind… It’s too late at night :D

Really Katie? ONe of the first things one learns from another language are the things that “are not supposed” to say ;-). Anyway, now you know some of them :D

Pilar, manda güebos que una gallega los tenga tan bien puestos ;-) (en el buen sentido)
Un abrazo (de pulpo :D) desde Barcelona!

06/05/2008 · 19:29 h by Núria

Ivy… you are just too SWEET! Thanks so much darling! I’ll have to design a side column space just for your awards ;-)… Thanks a lot♥.
I’m picking it tomorrow and posting about it next week, ok? I will also finally use the herbs you sent me from Greece in a dish and link you there :D

06/05/2008 · 23:29 h by glamah16

Deviled eggs are quite fashionable lately. They have all these terrific serving platters for them now with a well for each egg.
Funny I could subsitute another english word for eggs in those Spanish quotes :-)

06/07/2008 · 17:03 h by katiez

Nuria, you remind me…shortly after moving to Andorra I went into a shop and asked for ‘a dozen Thursdays’ (jeuves) instead of ‘a dozen eggs (heuvos). (the translations are for other people…not you!)

06/07/2008 · 18:42 h by Núria

He, he :D. This kind of errors are so funny Katie! I have a bunch of anecdotes too with my English ;-)

06/08/2008 · 8:18 h by Mallory Elise

nuria the thing i love about you is that there is always ham—even a sardine flavored like ham. If i made some CHEESE flavored like ham would you eat it? jajajaja. For serious–thanks to you i love ham, people say “i’m going to spain” i say, “eat ham” they say, what did you do in barcelona? i say, “hmmm, ham” what a wonderful thing ham is.

06/08/2008 · 17:19 h by Núria

Hola Courtney! I missed your comment here… sorry :D. Isn’t it amazing that it’s the first time I hear about them?

Yes, Mallory! Here is my public committment… I would eat it :D. If you can’t live without ham… I can send you some :D. Let me know!

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