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How many times do we get to the kitchen without knowing what will we cook for dinner and our answer is an omelet? How many times do we ask our kids or husbands what would they like to have and the answer is a fried egg, please?

Here you will find the typical Spanish omelets… a bit different of the rest… but the most juicy and flavourful… what did you expect me to say ;-)

Butifarra’s omelet

Oven’s veggies’ omelet

Spanish Deviled eggs

Spanish Omelet (with potatoes and onion)

Green Peas with Egg and bacon

Spinach’s omelet

Fried quail egg on sobrassada toast


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04/03/2009 · 15:01 h by Janet_Gourmet Traveller 88

Hi Nuria, wow you have a whole collection of omelette here. But today I will go to make a basic one first. Thanks for your recipe! I am craving for Spanish food now, went to a tapas bar last Friday but still not enough.

04/18/2009 · 18:03 h by Núria

Thanks so much for your coment Janet! Hope your omelet comes out beautifully :D. If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

05/28/2009 · 20:26 h by Jill

in spain do people eat deviled eggs? if so can i have a recipe for it,,

05/29/2009 · 7:13 h by Núria

Dear Jill, I have one recipe of Deviled eggs in this section. Go and serve yourself ;D. Thanks!

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