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MISS SHINNY: An American Beauty in my Kitchen!!!

Chicos y Chicas, Ladies and Gentlemen, please put your sunglasses on if you don’t want to be momentarily blind with the sight of my brand new Miss Shinny!!! Isn’t she Glorious? I’m presenting you all my new toy, which came directly from Brooklyn, New York, North America!!!!!!!! Happy belated 4th of July to all my American readers and foodie bloggers friends and a toast with my first Fruit Smoothie to you all! Viva América! :D

Let me explain you how this Beauty came all the way from New York to Spain.

Amy and Jonny from We are never Full… one of my favourite food blogs, and I made a package exchange… there were some things they really wanted from Spain and I also wanted some things from New York… the tickets to the Musicals couldn’t be this time because I’m not there but I will make it some day! Instead, and after a tough thinking I got my CuisineArt Shinny beauty! I just couldn’t believe this object could be in my kitchen, and now it’s finally here, installed and tried!

But if you look carefully to the picture, you will also notice some other food products such as: Dried Mexican Chiles (two types). Amy recomends the guajillo for soups and stews and the ancho for Mole. I still haven’t tried any but I was thinking about some beans… maybe when the summer ends and the heat slows down. Also there’s a sauce I never tried before, called Franks Red-Hot sauce and the other day when I made a veggies puree I added just one spoonful of Frank’s sauce… and I tell you… it was HOT! We are not that used to it :D… but it gave a wonderful twist to the puree!

Also, Amy managed to squeeze in the box a package of Reeces which I found delicious! We love them!!!! These sweets are made out of peanut butter and chocolate and they tasted Super! If you ask my daughter she will say even more than that ;-). And we also got some fried chicken batter – Sylvia’s brand. I will soon roll over my sleeves and fry some chicken with it.

So stay tunned to see my experiments with miss Shinny and with the American products and please go to Jonny and Amy’s blog to see what they got from Spain and what will they come up with.

I will welcome any suggestions and recipes from all of you on how to use these products. The package exchange has been a lot of fun! From here, thanks again guys :D

Tropical Sunshine Fruit Smoothie
Ingredients for 4 Cups: 1 large banana, peeled, and cut into 1/2 inch pieces, 1 cup of orange juice (I used natural oranges), 2 cups of water peaches and 1 1/2 cup of pineapple chunks (1 inch pieces).

Place ingredients in blender jar in order listed. Cover and blend on Food Processor for 20 to 30 seconds until completely smooth and blended. Serve immediately.

The recipe comes with the CuisineArt Food processor and I only changed a few things: I used peaches instead of mango, added one spoonful of sugar and some drops of lemon and natural orange juice instead of calcium enriched.

Hope you enjoy this juice while sitting in front of the pool under the shade of a palm tree ;-)


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07/07/2008 · 16:10 h by Bellini Valli

Many a soup, smoothie or margarita will be coming out of your Spanish Kitchen now that you have your little beauty:D

07/07/2008 · 16:55 h by Swati: Sugarcraft India

Hey, congrats on the new beauty in your kitchen..The smoothie looks awesome..
I finally managed to write the meme you had asked me to.. Sorry about the delay…

07/07/2008 · 19:47 h by Ivy

Wow, nice parcel with lots of goodies. The smoothies look so healthy and refreshing.

07/07/2008 · 21:28 h by Laurie Constantino

Gongrats on your new blender – it’s such a wonderful tool. It’s great for romesco sauce. Mmmm.

07/07/2008 · 21:38 h by We Are Never Full

oh, nuria!! This post is great! it is so weird to see all the things that once graced my Brooklyn counters on yours! So crazy. It is amazing everything got there without breaking! We will be using some of our delicious delights soon – we already used the marcona almonds (some of them). they are so delicious to snack on, but i am so careful to not waste them all on my snacking!!

stay tuned!! good luck trying to find out what else to use the franks hot sauce on – really all we use it for is on burgers, with eggs, on hot-wings (chicken) and that’s about it! I know the spanish don’t eat spicy things!

thanks again for this awesome package exchange. it was SO worth it!

-amy :)

07/07/2008 · 21:41 h by Maryann

That smoothy looks delicious and refreshing :)

07/07/2008 · 21:43 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Nuria, how did you work in terms of the electricity issue? I’ve wanted to get my German exchange daughter a mixer, but we’ve both had issues in terms of figuring out the wiring…

07/07/2008 · 23:58 h by Peter G

Lucky you! Can’t wait to see what else you invent with the blender! Your simple fruit cocktail sounds absolutely delicious!

07/08/2008 · 2:48 h by Ben

What a wonderful package you got there my dear friend. The dried chiles are a really good addition to any cuisine. Congratulations and we want to see more creations made with that shinny girl :-p

07/08/2008 · 2:55 h by glamah16

What loot! Look at you. I cant wait to see your fried chicken. Have fun with all of this.

07/08/2008 · 19:27 h by katiez

Ahhh, Guapa! You are one lucky lady! She is gorgeous!

07/09/2008 · 7:19 h by Núria

So Many Thanks to all of you, my friends! Again I have to hurry out home… but tomorrow is the day… I’ll visit all of you… wink, wink, hope the day was longer :(

Jen, I only had to buy a power transformer and an adaptor.

07/09/2008 · 17:25 h by Mallory Elise

haha. nice little toy!

i havnt commented in quite a while, but im still here!!

your smoothies look excellent.

reeces!? if you ever do visit the US…I suggest seattle. ^_^

07/11/2008 · 2:13 h by Mallory Elise

ahk! I thought i commented.

WEll, nice blender! I’m still here in blog world….even though back to old US of A. At least though I have a blender now too! smoothies are amazing! Specially when you dont feel like chewing!


07/11/2008 · 2:21 h by bee

oooh la la shinny is indeed a star. good for ya.

07/11/2008 · 9:29 h by Anamika:The Sugarcrafter

a nice blog site !

07/11/2008 · 23:27 h by ley

Preeeetty!!! :D Hopefully we will get a blender soon, too…then I will make these INSANELY yummy smoothies! Our peaches are sooo good this year, too- the smoothies would be amazing!

07/14/2008 · 18:47 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Wow super cool Nuria! I love these cultural exchanges! :)

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