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Green Peas with Egg and Bacon

Special dressing: Cabaret. Money makes the world go round (turn player on)

Green on white. White on green, the colours of my blog. Green peas… Greenpeace… Please, let the green govern us! How can we make it this time? How can we continue being advanced, modern, fast, industrious, spoiled… Do we have the right to forbid natural resources to countries that start getting developed? Do we have the right to pollute our air because it’s cheaper to pay the fine? How are we going to manage this crisis? Oil is getting the higher prices ever and also it’s a resource that will soon have an end… Our world functions around Oil. Cabaret’s song should change and say… ♫Oil makes the world go round♪ instead of ♫money makes the world go round♪… but isn’t it all the same?

It’s affecting everything in our lifes, just think about the cars, planes, anything that is involved with transport… but not only that! Also our daily objects are made out of Oil! (there could be a large list here)

The package containing the bacon strips is plastic… therefore comes from Oil.
The cover of my egg’s package is plastic… therefore comes from Oil.
The bag containing the frozen green peas is plastic…
Some ingredients used to fertilize the land before the sow are made out of Oil.

Anyone out there with a good natural/nonpolluting idea?

Ok, I’m done with my Green thinking for now!

Too hot in your kitchen to get in there to cook long and complicated dishes? Give this one a chance, it’s quick, simple and so nutritive. The ingredients are handy and cheap… who doesn’t have eggs, frozen green peas and bacon in the fridge?

Ingredients for 4 servings: 1 package (500 grs) of frozen green peas, 180 of bacon strips, 4 eggs, some salt, thick sea salt and olive oil.

  • Have a pot with salty boiling water and add the frozen green peas. Boil until tender or follow package instructions. Strain and reserve.
  • In a sauce pan pour some olive oil (4-5 tablespoons) and when hot add the bacon strips, stir until golden.
  • Add the green peas to the sauce pan and stir some more (1 minute aprox). Turn heat off and reserve.
  • In a small pot with water add the eggs and boil for just 4 minutes. You will get the egg’s white cooked and the egg yolk at the point we want it: just hardly cooked.
  • Present the dish with the green peas and bacon and the egg on top. Sprinkle with thick sea salt and a little spurt of extra virgin olive oil.

For those of you who love the heat in and out of your mouth, some drops of a hot sauce would be perfect too… what about some Frank’s Red Hot Original Sauce?

You’ll soon know why I’m talking about this American Sauce… keep an eye on this blog… or two!


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07/02/2008 · 11:53 h by Peter G

Si! I love being green Nuria! Such a wonderful, easy recipe. I love the simplicity behind it. Frozen peas are the best!

07/02/2008 · 12:25 h by Bellini Valli

The cost of everything is going up Nuria. I could rant about it and probably will but in the meantime I will enjoy your beautiful photos:D

07/02/2008 · 14:49 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen


You know being Green is an issue very close to my heart. I think it is something we should all be concerned with and I am really happy to read your views on it! Amazing how much we depend on oil, isn’t it?

07/02/2008 · 15:07 h by [eatingclub] vancouver || js

So simple, yet so satisfying. That egg looks lovely.

07/02/2008 · 16:30 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Well, one thing I’m doing is buying local and then I end up with egg packages that are made of cardboard and that I can give back to the farmer for her to re-use.

Give whirled peas a chance! ;-)

This looks like a lovely dish, and I couldn’t agree more with your sentiments about oil. Sigh.

I almost fell over when you mentioned Frank’s Red Hot Sauce. I’m so intrigued.

We have a tiny, tiny Mexican restaurant in town that sells over 400 different brands of hot sauce. They have hot sauce tastings every Sunday.

07/02/2008 · 20:05 h by Núria

You are all as sweet as these green peas!!!! I’m really grateful to all of you for coming over to my blog…. I’m trying but just have some time left to post and don’t know if I will be able to post friday and monday… I won’t be home until monday afternoon…. ahhhh it gets on my nerves!!!! Thanks again sweethearts♥

Yeah Peter… this is our big challenge and our son’s and daughter’s!!! Yeap, frozen peas are so practical :D

Thanks so much sweetie! Val, let’s have a toast for a greener world!

Jenn, I’m sure you learnt a lot about it when living with the Navajos! Yeah it’s incredible… Oil is everywhere!!!

Thanks Eatingclub! You are invited to have some here :D

He, he, hopefully some day next week the mistery of the sauce will show on your screen… darling Jen!
Don’t know what whirled peas are… will look it up in internet!

07/02/2008 · 20:52 h by Laurie Constantino

You’ve correctly defined a very vexing problem that the entire world needs to take more seriously. I completely agree with your green sentiments – and love the sound of this dish. I also love Frank’s Red Hot – it’s exactly the right level of spiciness for me (and the perfect ingredient for making traditional-style Buffalo Chicken Wings). As for whirled peas – it’s just a play on the words “world peace.”

07/03/2008 · 6:27 h by Ivy

This looks like a simple but delicious recipe. Prices are going up in all the countries and it seems that the future is not so bright. Lovely post and we should all do something about it.

07/03/2008 · 7:05 h by Núria

Thanks so much Laurie! Hope that we find a solution to the problem :D. Thanks for the “translation” of the words :D

Thanks Ivy :D Yes, the future is kind of black… I hope that not for a long time!

07/03/2008 · 11:23 h by Ivy

Chica, let’s brighten up our lives with some love. I have an award for you when you come back.

07/03/2008 · 16:42 h by Hillary

I’m so used to seeing poached eggs that adding a soft boiled egg is a refreshing idea!

07/03/2008 · 16:47 h by Katie

I’m back!

I know that the US (where I live) has a huge oil issue…does Spain, too? I haven’t heard much about Euro oil reliance in the news lately.

07/03/2008 · 17:47 h by Esi

This looks delicious and even better that I already have all of the ingredients in my kitchen!

07/06/2008 · 14:54 h by Ivy

Nuria, I have a surprise for you.

07/07/2008 · 10:01 h by Núria

Ivy… ♫You are the sunshine of my life♪ That’s why I always go to your blog♫ :D :D :D. I’m just landing here and reviewing all my mail and blog. Will go to yours asap. Thanks so MUCH sweetheart!!!!!

Thanks Hillary! Another good option because it melts with the peas and bacon… mmMMMMM :D

Yeap, Katie… Big issue here! We are all down the slope, no breaks and don’t see the end :(. But let’s be positive… hopefully some bright minds will find a solution.

Esi, believe me, it also tastes delicious! Welcome to Spanish Recipes. Hope you enjoy the dish! :D

07/08/2008 · 19:30 h by katiez

Peas and eggs! I wouldn’t have thought… Bacon, yes.
But with the bacon comes the egg so it’s all logical…
Can I have mine with tomato bread, please?

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