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I haven’t played this game for a long long time now… It’s not that I liked when a was a girl, there were some different aspects in it: when you received a letter, normally if you didn’t do what you were asked you were threatened: bad luck would be all over you! and somebody in your family would die, and things like that!!! Also a one peseta coin was normally glued to the letter and the seven letters you were supposed to send also had to have 1 coin each.

I’m glad this Meme game has nearly nothing to do with the one I knew, so thank you Heather for tagging me, it’s fun!!! For those of you who still don’t know her, she is a great cook (my bet in the LeftoverQueen’s Joust this month), she’s got a strong fantastic character and she owns this superamusing food blog: Gild the Voodoolily

Ok, the game consists in: 1. Link to your tagger and post these rules. 2. Share 5 facts about yourself 3. Tag 5 people at the end of your post and list their names (linking to them). 4. Let them know they’ve been tagged by leaving a comment at their Blogs.

Here you have my 5 life secret anecdotes:

1.- One of my best holiday trips ever was the 1992 summer’s one. A friend of mine and I spent 15 days biking through Holland, we biked for nearly 300 kilometers, had wonderful weather, met beautiful people, slept in comfortable youth hostels, most of them were castles!!! Developed our leg muscles (nearly got Arnold Swatzenager’s size) and discovered all fietspad possible: through Little Red Ridding Hood forests, city routes, wild and protected parks, enchanted little villages…. Super recommended holiday! A great experience!

2.- I don’t have a car driving license… amazing uh? When I was a kid, my father had a big car accident, he had serious injuries. My aunt had another car accident, a heavy one too… I just thought that getting a car license meant that after one or two years you were supposed to have a car accident… it was something one had to go through! Like part of a test! In a corner of my mind I was scared. 9 months ago, more or less, I got one of this small cars that don’t need driving license just a small test and you are done… I love driving!!!!!! But my car won’t pass from 50 Km per hour… I feel like a snail in the road.

3.- When I was 26 more or less, on a sunday morning I was in a bank automatic cashier dispenser getting some money and somebody got close to me, put a knife in my back and asked for all my money! When this kind of thing has never happened to you before, you think, at least I did, that you will turn hit his balls with your knee and run to your house or somewhere crowed and dissapear… But when it happens… I could only say… please don’t hurt me, please don’t hurt me! And I gave him all my money!

4.- When I was a small girl, about 2 or 3, I had short hair and my only wish was to have it longer, so whenever I had the opportunity, I took a couple of cloth pegs and 2 kitchen cloths and clamp the pegs in my hair. I would go around the house shaking my head and showing everybody my “long hair”. That’s why when I grew up, I never wanted my mom to cut it.

5.- One of my biggest fears is going through my daughter’s teenage years. Mine were kind of wild, and just thinking about all things she might encounter makes me so scared! I wish, I hope, I begg that all her experiences will be for good and that she takes the correct path.

Well, and now that you know a bit more about me, I have to tagg 5 more people, the ones I know more have already been tagged, so I’ve been forced to tagg some of you I’m not as close to as I would wish, but maybe this game helps and we end up being great foodie friends! If you feel like not getting into it… fine, it’s your choice, don’t feel obliged!

One.- Ley from Cilantro and Lime. Yes we do know each other, hope you like the game, if not… I’m sorry, but I felt like tagging you.

Two.- Mansi from Fun and Food. This would go to the first part of your blog’s name: Fun… just if you wish.

Three.- D. from Wicked Good Dinner. I had to involve you… ups! Hope you like the game.

Four.- Mallory from The Salty Cod. Please Mallory, let us know more about you!

Five.- Meeta from What’s for Lunch, Honey? I would love to hear about some more stories of yours!

And this is it!





02/06/2008 · 11:31 h by Ivy

I’m glad you finally went along with the meme. I remember as well those silly threatening chain letters. The first one was super. Wish I could have had a similar one. Driving a car. I used to have a car and drove to even the most dangerous parts of Cyprus. I drove once in Athens and they really drive like crazy. My husband begs me to start driving again but there is no way I will. About your teenage daughter, all mothers think alike. Mine is nearly 16 and the same thoughts pass from my mind as well.

02/06/2008 · 13:17 h by Núria

Hola darling Ivy! Thanks for your understanding with my daughter matter… yes I guess we all have to go through it the best we can!

02/06/2008 · 13:49 h by Ben

I also remember those chain letters. They were so stupid my mom used to burn them in the back yard. :-p

Your biking experience sounds amazing. I do want to do that someday.
I have a license but I hate cars. Unfortunately in this part of the world you can’t go anywhere if you don’t have a car (everything is so far away, there is no public transportation and the winters are so cold that if you walk outside you freeze)
I’ve never been robbed before, it must be very frightening :/

Thank you for letting us know a little more about you. I did my homework, too, but I didn’t pass the torch. I am a bad player, I know :-p

02/06/2008 · 14:24 h by ley

Haha- FUN! I love things like this! Thanks for thinking of me! :D

The one about you wanting long hair is so funny! Mine was the opposite, actually- I always had LOOOOONG hair, and I wanted it to be short so badly! Once I cut it, though, I hated it!

02/06/2008 · 15:37 h by Peter M

Nuria, thanks for sharing a bit about yourself, I like you picture as a girl…a Spanish Pippi Longstockings!

02/06/2008 · 15:49 h by Bellini Valli

Thanks very much for sharing Nuria.I think we will all be mothers all of our lives. My mom & dad both still worry about me at my age. We give our children wings and now they have to fly as the saying goes.

02/06/2008 · 16:23 h by ley

Ok- mine is done! These things are exciting! I don’t waste any time. haha!

02/06/2008 · 17:49 h by Heather

Suavecita, I loved reading 5 things about you! You’ve had so many adventures already, and you’re still young! The little girl in the photo is such a niña guapa. :)

02/06/2008 · 18:31 h by Mansi Desai

thanks for the tag Nuria:) I’ve already posted a similar meme before, but it was so much fun reading about your secret life!! nice to know more about you girl!:D

02/06/2008 · 19:41 h by Superchef

thats a fantastic meme!! i loved the drivers license part!! LOL

02/07/2008 · 5:25 h by Emiline

These were so interesting!

I hate driving. It scares me so much. I know how you feel. I would like to see you driving your car! I think it’s cute that it goes so slow.

That’s really scary about that guy! I wish you HAD kicked him in the balls. Or castrated him.
From then on, did you carry a weapon or Mace with you?

02/07/2008 · 8:13 h by Núria

Hola Ben! Don’t doubt it for a second… take your bike and go to Holland… it’s the bicycles paradise. You will love it! Great!

I love your enthusiasm Ley! So glad you like to play along!!! I’ll check your stories right now!

Peter, now that you mention it, yes this picture might look like a Spanish Pipi Calzaslargas!!! je,je, fun!!!

Hola sweet Val. Yes my parents are the same too. It’s great to be a mother but the older the kids get, the harder it is for me… maybe I have to ask you for some tips!

Hola Heather, I love these expresions you use in Spanish! Muchas gracias! La niña guapa is 45 now! Thanks anyway!

Hola Mansi, ups, sorry about that, I took a look at your older posts and didn’t see any meme… that’s why I sent to you… Glad to share my stories with all of you!!!

Thanks Superchef!!!

Emiline!!! I’m so happy to hear about you! Yesterday during the news I saw all these tornados in the States destroying everything there was on their way… Oh my god!!! I thought about you… it’s horrible. So glad you are ok.

Concerning the driving license, now I enjoy it, but there’s so many assholes in the road (sorry about that). And yes, I wish I had been more brave, but the knife in the back makes you see things from another point of view!!! I’ve been thinking to buy one of these sprays, but still haven’t done it!
Take care!!!

02/07/2008 · 12:24 h by Mallory Elise

Nuria! Thanks for the tag–I’ll get on with it! i love games. I know its been over a week since a post, but fixed! new one! My tickets to Barcelona are booked, yay! but the link you posted me about the tagging is broken.

02/07/2008 · 12:50 h by Pixie

First, omg how awful to be held up with a knife! What a horrible thing to have to experience, hope the bastard was caught.

And second, I love that photo of you as a child, absolutely Brilliant.

About the driving, I had a liscence and drove for maybe a month while living in ny. I no longer drive and have no desire to do so. Fortunately, hubby just recently got his liscence and now my heart doesn’t stop beating every time we’re in the car. Hope it’s just a passing phase.

02/07/2008 · 13:27 h by Núria

Hey Mallory! So you must have your suitcases nearly packed!!!! Please let me know if you need or want something from me. Great you love games, can’t wait to read your stories!

Hola Pixie… (sorry about what I’m going to say… but I can’t help it… I’m kind of stupid sometimes… but everytime I hear your name… I think, where is dixie?) When I was a kid there were this cartoon TV, which I loved, Pixie and Dixie, two little funny mouses… I know, I shouldn’t have said that, but it’s only that one name goes with the other… ups :D

The bastard wasn’t caught!!!
And driving in N.Y. must be an experience!!! I don’t think I would like that ;-)

02/07/2008 · 14:15 h by bee

that was a nice meme to read. your bank withdrawal experience was truly scary.

02/07/2008 · 15:55 h by Núria

Yes Bee! The worst was that nobody was home to explain it!!!

02/07/2008 · 20:37 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

How fun Nuria!

That bike trip sounds good, but I’d rather drive. I hate bikes – they scare me like your fear of cars. After I am on one for 5 minutes, I just start crying. It is so weird, but I just can’t deal. You were such a cute little girl!

02/08/2008 · 8:22 h by Núria

Thanks Jenn! If you are scared of bikes, then the best place to get over the fear is Holland… everything is done thinking in bikers!!!

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