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Meme game – Food for Gossip

This time, Pixie from A Swee Tart has tagged me with another meme game. Today I’m not in a very good mood and maybe I shouldn’t write the meme… or maybe I should and it would help me to see things brighter again.

You know, this month of February has 2 sides: the virtual one, that’s where you take part, this couldn’t be better! I’m having such a great time cooking and blogging, I’m having so much fun with your posts and comments… it’s really becoming addictive… is it the same with you? First thing I do in the morning, after having my breakfast, is rush downstairs, turn my computer on and check the comments I have. Then I look for new posts or start a new one myself! It’s amazing… I love it.

Also knowing about your life and your hidden little secrets and your recipes makes me feel so close to you… You are part of my life now!!! :D

And the other side is the real life one, this begining of the year has been the worst!!!

* My husband got really sick, now he has recovered.

* He got his money stolen, credit cards, house and car keys and a bunch of other things. The insurance company took care of that, but they didn’t pay for all the headaches.

* My daughter has been sick for three times already. She is fine now (keep fingers crossed)

* Boleta, as you know, is under treatment, she seems to be ok for the moment.

* I got my coxis bone broken in my last horse ride’s day I was learning how to gallop and obviously I didn’t have the right position. Nothing to worry about, just do some rest and it will weld again.

* Today I had to go to the doctor because my face looks like Mars: all red and with a rash. Doctor said this looked like an allergy. I never had an allergy before!!!!! Well, it seems there’s always a first time for everything ;-)

* The doctor made me feel as if I was 5, saying: open your mouth, say aaaaaaaaa, and drop down your trousers, lay down on that stretcher and relax…. RELAX! He injected me 2 antiallergic doses!!!!!!!!! Plus he gave me a topic cream… ok, done with that.

* Also this year, I’ve been breaking: 2 plates, 1 big bowl, 1 little glass plate, 1 cup, 3 glasses…. what’s wrong with me?????? Am I a Sim and somebody outside my world is manipulating me?

Ok, that’s it, I knew you would listen to me, as you always do, I’m through with my therapy session…. Thanks!!!

Meme Game. Here are the rules:
Select five people to tag. Send them an e-mail or let them know by commenting on their blog that they have been tagged. They are then encouraged to select 5 different bloggers and to tag them.

Time to play now:

What were you doing 10 years ago?

I was a brand new mom. My baby took all my day and night energy… she was soooooo sweet and cute and… didn’t have personal opinions yet ;-)

What were you doing 1 year ago?

Same things I do now except for the blogging and taking pictures at our meals. Maybe I did some more ironing that now… because I don’t remember having such a big pile as I do now!!!

Five snacks you enjoy

Patatas fritas (potatoe chips)
Salty peanuts
Olives (all kind)
Tinned cockles
Iberian acorn ham (of course!!!)

5 Things you would do if you were a millionaire

*First I would buy my parents a house by the sea with a garden for my mom and a vegetable garden for my dad. The house would be near a Spa and they would get free treatment always. Plus a good bunch of money so they could buy what they wanted!!! I would give a succulent check to the rest of my family and some friends.

* I liked Ivy’s idea, so I would also invite all my foodie bloggers friends for a trip to Spain (all included) one month stay, at the best hotels and restaurants. Snap your fingers and the waiter, the hostess, the somelier, the massage therapist… will be there! First class!!!

* I would design a house, with the help of the professionals, of course, for me and my family, also by the sea and near a forest, if that is still possible in Spain. It would be such a beautiful house!!!

* I would buy a boat for my husband, a small one, but big enough for the three of us. And I would buy a horse for my dauther.

* I would invest money in the people who really needs it, no ONGs, no goverments, just the real people. The older I get the more distrustful I become.

5 bad habbits

I don’t like talking about these ones either, but, here they go:

* Sometimes I snore at night… this is what my husband says, but he has got no proves, I think he says that because once I recorded him at night while he was snoring ;-)

* I can’t throw things away. I always think that some day may be helpful to have that particular thing. Thank god my garage is big and I have all kind of items there: all of my daughter’s little clothes, all my school books (and I mean all), toys, clothes, shoes, old ironing machines, a big and old swewing machine, old furniture…

* I’m scared of flying, so I invented a stupid rule to relax myself: when I’m on a plane I have to follow the safetty instructions (look at the hostess and the paper in front of the seat) If I don’t loose a word, the plane will be ok… ;-) It’s demonstrated that works… he, he, he I’m still here!

* I love changing my dining room’s furniture’s place. When seasons are about to change… I get this strange desire for changing my sofa and table and other furnitures from one place to another. For me, this is not a bad habbit, but my husband can not stand it!!!! I always tell him that this is cheaper than buying new ones :D

* I don’t wear an apron while I cook!!! This is a bomb here, I know! Don’t ask me why, but I still haven’t get used to that… and I get soooooooo angry with myself when the oil or whatever I’m cooking splashes on my clothes!

5 things you like doing

* I like cooking, he, he, he. Ok this one doesn’t count :D I like signing, a lot.

* I like going on a horse ride in the fields, and if possible during springtime.

* I like reading a good book, with a good glass of wine and in good company.

* I like doing my dishes!!! Noooooooooo, just kidding! :D I like being inside my bed warm and feeling protected while outside is storming and raining cats and dogs.

* I like to walk through the forest always, but after a rainy day… that’s heaven.

5 things I would never wear again

* A short skirt.

* High heels.

* Short hair

* My old fashined sunglasses. I got a brand new ones.

* The sweater it’s been on my wardrobe for 10 years and haven’t had it on for 10 years.

5 favourite toys

* My computer

* My camera

* The book I’m reading

* My drill

* My terrace plants

And now I’ve chosen you to continue with the meme… it’s up to you to follow it or not!

♥ Ley from Cilantro and Lime (I know you like these ones)
♥ Heather from Gild the Voodoolily (I’m not that sure you will like this one????)
♥ Amy from We are never full (Hope you go on with the game, would love to know more about you)
♥ Laurie from Mediterranean cooking in Alaska (pleaseeeee say yes and tell us about your frozen little secrets, je, je)
♥ Bee and Jai from Jugalbandi (will you play along? would love to know more about you).






02/22/2008 · 17:54 h by Heather

This one is really long. Really, really long. I’ll play along, I have another one to do so maybe I’ll roll them together.

02/22/2008 · 18:10 h by bee

so sorry to hear that you’ve had a lousy year so far. hope it gets better. enjoyed reading about you.

and thanks for thinking of us. we’re boring folks with boring lives – and also very lazy. will post something, but can’t promise when.

02/22/2008 · 18:45 h by ley

I’ve been breaking things like crazy, too! Jeez. Must be a curse or something!

Lol- I DO like these!! I think they’re so much fun! Thank you for the tag!! :D

02/22/2008 · 18:46 h by Pixie

Thanks for participating! You reminded me of my sis always rearranging her furniture! Hope your days will get brighter too.

02/22/2008 · 20:46 h by Peter G

Nuria…how interesting! Hope you feel better with your allergy and don’t worry. with the amount of cooking you do of course things will break in the kitchen! Its funny all the female bloggers hate high heel shoes!

02/22/2008 · 21:28 h by Peter M

Nuria, you’re so cute!

I don’t wear an apron either but i do wear clothes that can get dirty.

02/23/2008 · 8:59 h by Núria

Yes Heather, It’s a long one, I thought the same when I saw it, but I must admitt I had fun writting it!

Hola Bee! Thanks for your concern. I can’t believe you are boring folks with boring lives!!!!! Will keep an eye on your blog to see if you finally decide to do it ;-)

Yeah, Ley, maybe is curse ;-)
So glad to see you are happy with this!!!!

Thanks sweet Pixie. It was fun doing it :D

Thanks Peter! I’m getting better… my face is not looking like mars anymore… gracias!!! I hate high heel shoes because I had to wear them everyday when I worked and it’s not a pain in the ass (sorry about it) it’s a pain in the feet… and I just had enough of that ;-)

Muchas gracias Peter :D
I wouldn’t mind wearing the Joust apron though ;-)

02/23/2008 · 9:54 h by Mallory Elise

C’est pas grave–it’s good to hear of others bad days! If days were perfect, how tiresome would they be–not that bad health is a good thing, but karma comes around! you’re due for some great luck.

Tinned cockles? erm, I broke my favorite tea cup in december. lucky you–i turned aprons into a fashion accessory. yikes. Yeah I think you should just eat that ham, and go to the beach. Thank you for all the Barcelona advice! my trip was incredible!
hang on! bisous-

02/23/2008 · 10:19 h by Núria

Hola Mallory!
Can’t wait to see your post on Barcelona!!! Really? you had a good time? Perfect, I’m happy about that :D. But I think you got the only rainy days we had in all winter… ooooohhhhhhh. Maybe another small litle trip in Summer?

He, he, take care♥

02/23/2008 · 11:05 h by Ivy

Nuria, I’m really sorry for all this bad lack you had this year. In Greece they say “it’s the bad eye” but I don’t believe in that stuff.
We have so many things in common reading your post, I like rearranging everything once in a while, I NEVER wear an apron, and when I tell my husband that he snores he says to me next time I’ll record you:(
By the way I am a bit confused. I was under the impression your daughter was sixteen. Do you have another child?
Last year when I had surgery, I discovered I had an allergy as well.

02/23/2008 · 15:49 h by Núria

Hola Sweet Ivy! Yes here it’s also said this “bad eye” thing – “mal de ojo”, but I don’t believe in that either!

So funny we got all these things in common :D!!!!

My daughter will become 12 this summer, but she looks so grown already!!!
I’m sorry about your allergy too! I hope it doesn’t come back ;-)
Take care!

02/23/2008 · 16:41 h by Bellini Valli

The rest of 2008 can only get better Jenn!!The whole breaking of things I can relate to but for me it is menopause…you are way too young !!! We have a lot in common but there is always dust under my never moves!! They say change is better than a vacation and very therapeutic!!!!

02/24/2008 · 10:08 h by Núria

Hola Val! Thanks for your concern. It’s not that I like complaining… but it helped me to write it down and share it!
Yeah, the rest of the year will just go better :D

Spring = Changing furnitere’s place :D

02/24/2008 · 17:22 h by Ben

Hola linda!

I am sorry to hear your year hasn’t been that great so far, but we are just at the beginning of it. Things will get better, they always do :D

And this is a really long meme. I am glad you didn’t pick me :-p But I am glad you shared a little bit of yourself with us. If I were millionaire I’d move to Spain and travel all around the world writing about food. And I’ll take you along :D

Abrazos y besos gordos

02/25/2008 · 8:09 h by Núria

Buenos días Ben :D Gracias for your warm words!!!
I know, things will get better!!!! You made me start this morning with a smile… that’s a great gift!
Thanks… hope one day you become a millionaire :D :D

Un abrazo muy fuerte!

02/25/2008 · 10:04 h by Emiline

I’m sorry about your face looking like Mars, but it’s kind of funny! I’m sorry! Don’t hate me!
You posted that picture at the top of the post, so that’s why it made me laugh.
Wait- your doctor made you drop your trousers? Who is this pervert?

Mmm…acorn ham.

02/25/2008 · 19:03 h by Núria

Emiline, perfect you had a good laugh out of me!!! No problem with that… now I can laugh about it too… my face is back to normal and the doctor is giving injections to someone else :D

02/25/2008 · 19:22 h by Peter M

Nuria, onward & upward…hang in there chica!

03/01/2008 · 10:38 h by katiez

Lo siento, guapa! Such a bad start to the year! Hope all is going better now!
I loved reading about all your ‘stuff’…

03/05/2008 · 19:56 h by amy

I finally was able to do this MEME… thanks again for thinking of me! Check it out to learn some not-so-interesting-facts about me!

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