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Orange Carpaccio in a Salad. And Friends will be Friends!

I got this recipe from Caterina, an old friend of mine that I still keep since we were 6 years old. Not that we see each other very often, not that we have much in common; she is the kind of friend that you see after a year or two ...


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Markets in Barcelona

Barcelona City has more than 40 markets. Each district may have between one and three fix markets, I'm talking about special buildings constructed for this purpose. In the last years the City has made an effort to improve the old facilities and convert them into bright ...


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I haven't played this game for a long long time now... It's not that I liked when a was a girl, there were some different aspects in it: when you received a letter, normally if you didn't do what you were asked you were threatened: bad luck would be all ...


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Cargol treu Banya – Snail show me your Horns

These are the snails we ate at my moms' birthday lunch party last January 14th. All our family LOVES Snails cooked any way! This recipe is soo easy that if you like snails, please have no doubt go ahead and cook it!Snails have a small ...



My Old School and my Pantry Skeleton

This would have been my school if, during the civil Spanish war, a bomb wouldn't have fallen on top of it and burned it all. Luckily, the school was empty. The air attack took place during a night of January 1938. The situation of the school was fatal for its ...


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What’s for lunch?

Pictures can bring you back memories and memories can bring you back flavours and smells. Also, the taste of a certain soup or a veggies cream can awake all those sleeping pictures in your mind. What sweet memories!!! How do I use this spoon?...

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