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Artichoke’s soup with bacon and iberian acorn ham

Special dressing: some artichoke’s music…

This is not a Xmas traditional dish, you will notice that at first sight… but, we all agree that during Xmas celebrations, here in Spain, I don’t know the rest of the world, we drink quite a lot! And I’m not talking about water… we drink wine, cava, liquors, beers, whisky… The whole family gets together and we eat and drink and drink and by the end of the holidays our liver has been suffering all this alcohol abuse and needs some repairing.
That’s why I wanted to make this dish: simple, tasty and liver-repairing. It’s known that artichokes have this liver healing quality, their components protect this organ… soooooo raise your glasses and cheers! Let’s have a toast for Xmas and Artichokes!!!

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•Ingredients for 4 servings: 25 artichokes, 35 grs. of flour, 1 liter of water, 100 grs. Iberian acorn ham, 50 grs. of bacon, 3 slices of the bread you use for sandwiches, 50 cl. of virgin olive oil, fresh mint leaves, one lemon and salt.

•Prepare the water, some salt, 4 spoon table full of olive oil and one spoon table of flour. When it boils, add the artichokes previously cleaned (take the green leaves away and have them with water and lemon before adding to pot so that they don’t turn black)

•Once they are tender inside, take them out of the pot, reserve the water that’s left, take the leaves away and keep the heart of the artichokes and make a cream out of them.
•Add some salt to the cream and the water used to boil the artichockes until you get the texture you want… it could be a cream or a soup.

•In a saucepan, have some olive oil and when hot, add the bacon cut in threads, when it goldens, add the iberian acorn ham also cut. After 2 minutes take away and reserve on kitchen paper.
•In the same pan, throw the bread cut in small squares and fry both sides. When done, put it on kitchen paper.

•Now pour the ham and bacon on top of the soup, the bread also on top and some mint leaves to decorate.
•Yummmmmmy. I love artichokes!


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12/03/2007 · 19:33 h by Peter M

I’ve never had an artichoke soup and now I’m intrigued to try it.

Off to the market to look for artichokes.

12/03/2007 · 20:29 h by Núria

Peter, this was the first time I did the artichokes soup. I usually eat them fried or boiled, but isn’t it nice the picture?

12/04/2007 · 6:36 h by Emiline

Acorn ham sounds delicious! I love those salty, cured meats.

I tried leaving a comment on here, yesterday, but it didn’t go through.

12/07/2007 · 9:02 h by katiez

I didn’t know that…I’m going to sock up on artichokes! Now if I could only get some Iberian ham…or, sigh, Jamon de Jabugo…Our local ham is good – but not as good is the Iberian!

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