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Chicken done with Sidra

•Ingredients for 4 persons: 4 chicken legs or any other part you prefer, 100 grs. of cured ham, 1 onion, 2 apples (the fuji is a good choice), ½ liter of Sidra (it’s a typical north Spanish drink, made out of apples). If you don’t find it I think Irish people have something similar. You will also need salt, black pepper, olive oil and 2 or 3 potatoes.
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•Have the cured ham ready and cut in dices.

•Pour the salt and pepper on the chicken and fry in two fingers of oil.
•When it gets golden, take it out of the pan and reserve. Leave the oil in the pan.
•Fry the cured ham with some of the oil used with the chicken in a pan.
•When it gets golden, take it out of the pan and leave aside.

•Slice the onion and fry at a very low fire for as much time as it needs, be patient, the slowlier the better.
•When it looks this way, transparent and nearly breaking…
•Add the apples cut in slices.
•After a while, with very low fire, you will see they change their color, they get golden.

•Prepare the big pan with 8 spoons of olive oil used when frying the chicken, add the chicken and the ham and the onion and apples.
•Pour the ½ liter of Sidra.
•Cover the pan and have it cooking for 45 minutes at very low fire.
•When it’s done and the chicken is tender inside (farm chickens need more time to cook)…

•Place it in a plate with the apples that didn’t break while cooking and some fried potates.
•It’s really tasty!!!


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