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Blood Sausage and Spinach Omelette

The most important meal of the day? Breakfast, of course! We are usually in a hurry in the morning and my breakfast is a café con leche with 2 or 3 cookies, that's it.  Not enough fuel to deal with the morning routine because we have lunch at 14:00. However, there's ...


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Foodbuzz 24, 24, 24. A Spanish Menu – My gift to the Winners of the Olympic Games.

Special dressing: SUPERMAN from Barbra Streisand (turn player on)This is my little tribute to the new World Wide Super Heroes: Men and Women whom have gone beyond, whom seem to be from another planet: they can fly, they can nearly breathe under water and they seem ...


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Butifarra’s Omelette

What is it that makes someone sad or low down when it has all necessities covered? Is it the weather? Is it a bad feeding? Is it... is it... What's wrong with me today? I have everything I need, I'm in good health, nothing is ...


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Time for Fiesta, for fun, for great and delicious Meals... CARNIVAL is here!!! This Year it will last until february 6th and till that day we will fool ourselves and go to parties, get our costumes on and eat and drink and sing and dance like ...


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A different way to make a Tortilla

Special dressing: Tom Waits (turn player on)This is a different way to perform the omelette. Usually, I take a saucepan and cook it there, but to follow this recipe you will also need the oven. The result is really good and it has this different touch! ...


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Spinachs omelette

Ingredients: 300grs. of Spinachs leaves, 50grs. bacon, 25grs. pine nuts, 4 big-size eggs, olive oil and salt.Get the PowerPoint recipeGet the WebAlbum pictures•Boil some water in a pot.•When the water boils add some salt and the cleaned spinach leaves. Let it boil for 5 ...

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