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Art Sandwich! and Eating dissorders

Special dressing: Crosby, Stills & Nash — Teach your children… Aaaahhhh Am I that old?

I had to share this with you all… don’t you think it’s a great idea? I saw it in a Spanish food magazine and immediately admired its simplicity and originality… Think about the endless possibilities :D

Each sandwich could have the “stamp” of what it has inside! Great for an informal party. Any of you want to bring the wine/beers over? I’m setting the table and waiting for you ;D
These ones have leek, garlic, mushroom, parsley and oregano. We could have another with boiled egg, smoked salmon and roasted pepper. And yet another one with lettuce anchovy and pimiento del piquillo… put your thinking cap on and get creative!

I’ve heard on the radio today that there’s still another eating disorder; I knew about anorexia and bulimia, but this one is about compulsive eating… these things worry and sadden me so! They said that kids (not only girls) start really young with this scary habit. With only 7 years they can start behaving this way.
Please spend time with your kids. Cook at home. Make lunchs and dinners special occasions to be together and talk. Listen to them. Don’t let them be alone for long time. Pay interest to the things they tell you. Teach them to eat well.

I know we are all in a hurry and we all need to work and don’t spend much time at home cooking or listening or talking… but this sandwich, for example will take you no time, no money and no problema :D Your kids can help you, they will surely be happy to give you a hand!

Ingredients for 4 servings: a sandwich bread bag, 1 leek, 200 grs of fresh mushrooms, a fresh parsley spring, a pinch of fresh oregano, 1 garlic clove, some butter, olive oil, salt and ground black pepper.

  • Clean, peel and cut all ingredients in small pieces. Leave some mushroom slices aside.
  • Heat some olive oil in a sauce pan and pour the chopped leek. When transparent, add the mushrooms and garlic, sautee until there’s no mushrooms water left in the sauce pan. Sprinkle the herbs, salt and pepper. Stir a bit and reserve.
  • Get two bread slices and fill them with the mixture. Put two mushrooms slices on one slice and in a different sauce pan over a bit of butter, toast with the mushrooms side facing the pan bottom. Press a bit with a wooden tool, when done turn it upside down and toast the other side.
  • Cut them in half and serve hot.

Enjoy :D


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10/08/2008 · 9:00 h by Meeta

Nuria! This looks amazing. I am sure Soeren (my son) will love such arty sandwiches in his lunch box. lovely!

10/08/2008 · 9:36 h by canarygirl

Ooooh! Cosa mas rica, Núria! Me encanta la presentación, y SÍ para una fiesta, genial! Además, es super divertido para los peques. Un besín preciosa!

10/08/2008 · 10:41 h by noobcook

omg how clever (and cute!) to imprint the sandwich contents on the bread. Prevents picky people like me from opening up the sandwich to check, hahah

10/08/2008 · 12:26 h by FoodJunkie

What a lovely idea the little muchrooms. I think these are great for a party too! They look so cute..

10/08/2008 · 12:41 h by Antonio Tahhan

jajaja, ya vengo con el vino!! me encantan los champis por encima. these sandwiches look superb, Núria : )
also, thanks for raising awareness to new eating disorders… it’s very sad to hear that they’re still growing worldwide.

10/08/2008 · 13:18 h by taste memory

love that *stamp* ;on the crusts – what a nice touch. these look like savory little bites….very nice snacks or party fare

10/08/2008 · 13:58 h by Peter M

What can I say Nuria…it’s beautiful!

I’m going on a seafood diet…I see food – I eat it!

10/08/2008 · 15:15 h by Núria

Hola Meeta! I’m sure that Soeren is the kind of boy that helps you in the kitchen ;D. So glad you like them, darling!

Hola Nikki! Me encanta verte otra vez ;D. Espero que la morriña tarde mucho en volver ;D

Ha, ha! Yes, Noobcook, I guess that that is what everybody does to know what is inside :D

Thanks Foodjunkie! Yeah, I thought the idea was so original too!

Venga Antonio! Aquí te espero ;D. Sí, todos los problemas con la comida son horribles!!!! I’ve got a teenager girl and this worries me a lot.

Thanks so much Taste Memory and welcome to Spanish Recipes :D.

You are too funny Peter!!! I like your diet ;D

10/08/2008 · 15:51 h by Maryann

These are cool!

10/08/2008 · 17:59 h by Mallory Elise

Ahk! those are soo cute! haha! i wanna do that!

10/08/2008 · 18:32 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

Nuria, this sandwich idea is wonderful, as is your post. So true – on all counts.

btw… in your pictures, what kind of dog to you have? Is she a bichon?

10/08/2008 · 18:55 h by Núria

Hola Maryann! Thanks :D

Hola Mallory! That’s what I thought when I first saw them in the magazine :D

Thanks Jen :D. She is a poddle, but I don’t like the style haircut that they normaly have and she wears a bichon haircut!

10/08/2008 · 21:14 h by Heather

Thanks for the attention, Núria! I hope I get that trip. Your mushroom sandwiches look like a masterpiece!

I had a friend in high school who had an eating disorder, and even though I knew I couldn’t cure her, I would always try to show her healthy, low-calorie recipes so she would eat something besides lettuce.

10/08/2008 · 21:41 h by Nathan

That is a great idea I never thought of it.

10/09/2008 · 0:09 h by Judy@nofearentertaining

Very clever sandwich idea.

I also loved your plug on the whole eating and spending time with your kids. I have 2 girls and worry about the whole weight issue all the time. We have taught them to eat healthy and with us. We eat dinner together every night (in spite of our crazy schedule). I hope it helps in the long run!

10/09/2008 · 1:17 h by maybelle's mom

Your comments about eating disorders are very close to my heart as it has affected a few family members. Raising a girl, I think about it a lot.

10/09/2008 · 2:38 h by Liz

Wow! Those look great. Can’t wait to try to make some. Thanks for the idea!!


10/09/2008 · 8:14 h by kittie

Hey Nuria – these sandwiches are so cute!

I’ve have a scary number of friends who have or have had in the past eating disorders. It is horrible to see how much it controls their lives. The thought of a child as young as 7 being affected like this is truly distressing…

10/09/2008 · 8:19 h by Emiline

What does it mean to compulsive eat?

Your sandwiches look fabulous! I love the mushroom on the outside. What a good idea!

I like that song. CSNY rock!

10/09/2008 · 12:56 h by Ivy

What a clever idea. I love this.

10/09/2008 · 13:15 h by tigerfish

I like this idea too! And I am a sandwicher lover :) ….now I do not have to open up the bread, or put the sandwich near my nose to know what sandwich it is! :D

10/09/2008 · 13:33 h by Núria

No charge, Heather ;D. I keep my fingers crossed for you!
I bet all of us know somebody whom has gone through this or still has the problem :(

Hola Nathan! PUedes hacer uno con la judía pegada al pan… ;D I’m joking!!!!

Hola Judy! My daughter is 12 so she is in the dangerous zone… Aaaahhh, we mothers suffer for everything that’s happening and for what could eventfully happen!

Hola Maybelle’s mom! I think that the main thing here is to keep a fluent communication with our daughters. I’m sorry you have suffered in your family. It must be really tough!

No problem, Liz! And welcome to Spanish Recipes :D. Thanks for commenting.

Hola Kittie, guapa! So nice to see you back in the Arena! Thanks girl!
Too bad there’s so many people affected :(. It seems to be a consequence of a phycological problem… it’s horrible!

Hola Emiline! Compulsive eating is eating without control and a lot… they mentioned 20.000 calories (I thought it was impossible, but they said so in the radio). The difference between bulimia and compulsive eating is that the latter keep what they eat inside (they don’t throw it out like bulimics do).

Thanks Ivy :D

10/09/2008 · 13:43 h by Núria

Hola Tigerfish! he, he… you are a sandwich velocipredator ;D

10/09/2008 · 14:14 h by Bellini Valli

These sandwiches are impressive Nuria. I would love to have them served on your patio but making them at home will be the next best thing:D

10/09/2008 · 14:26 h by Maria

What beautiful sandwiches! I love a good sandwich and these look great.
Eating disorders are a very serious issue and it’s great that you are bringing attention to it. Someone very close to me has suffered from such an illness and it is one of the most difficult things to conquer. It is a battle every day.

10/09/2008 · 15:00 h by Dee

What a brilliant idea – my five year old would go nuts for this!

I don’t know enough about eating disorders, but it’s scary to think that even young children aren’t immune to the effects. Who’s at fault? Society or is the lack of proper parenting? Sigh.

10/09/2008 · 15:10 h by ley

Those are SO cute! See, this is why I need to have cooler friends so that we can have dinner parties and I can make these to impress them. lol.

Eating disorders are horrible things. I think Westerners are so bombarded with body image stress that food becomes both an enemy and a comfort. It’s a tragic thing! Thanks for bringing this up, especially on a food blog!

10/09/2008 · 16:10 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

Those sandwiches look so nice, Nuria. Sometimes it is just a small decorative touch that really makes something so special!

10/09/2008 · 17:49 h by We Are Never Full

adorable and really clever. they look crispy and tasty, nuria! great job!

10/09/2008 · 17:55 h by veggie belly

these look so pretty..great presentation!

10/09/2008 · 22:39 h by Sharon

I love sandwiches but I’ve never thought of adding a creative touch!

10/13/2008 · 14:28 h by Núria

Thanks Valli! You are always welcome to my table… you know that :D

Hola Maria! You are so right! It’s a daily battle! Hope that we don’t have to face it personally!

Dee, I think that both things are directly affecting our kids!

You are too funny Ley!!! All the world is full of “the proper beauty” and there is no such!!! Greeks and Romans had a better sample ;D

You are so right Jenn! Thanks darling♥

Thanks guys (Amy and Jonny). Really easy to perform!

Hola Veggie Belly! Welcome to Spanish Recipes :D And thanks for your nice words!

Hi Sharon and Welcome to Spanish Recipes! Me neither, that’s why I wanted to share this :D

10/19/2008 · 15:04 h by Kevin

Those sandwiches look good!

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