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Anchovies in Vinegar

We are finally in season to have Boquerones en vinagre - Anchovies in vinegar! And here is the recipe for those of you who feel like having this flavourful tapa with a fresh beer or some rioja red wine :D

Ingredients for 6 servings (as a tapa): 500 grs of fresh anchovies, 6 garlic cloves, a good bunch of fresh parsley, wine vinegar (I used sherry vinegar), salt and extra virgin olive oil.

It’s so important to use superfresh anchovies. Clean them, chop the head off and take the guts off too. Clean and wash under fresh tap water. You can have them with their bone or without, if you don’t want to chew some extra calcium for your bones then, take the bone off also.

Place them in a large and deep recipient large and deep so that you can cover them with the vinegar. Have them outside the fridge for 2 hours. This way, the vinegar will be able to do its job. After that, strain and place in a glass jar (never metal one) together with the garlic finely chopped and the parsley. Add some salt and the olive oil to cover them completely.

You can have them this way in the fridge for 4 to 5 days and start eating them after the first 12 hours. Have them over some bread or with chips and enjoy!!!

This is my contribution to Pixie’s and Rosie’s Putting up Event. You are still on time to send your marmalades, preserves, etc at You say tomatoe, I say tomatoe or Rosie bakes a Peace of cake!

A very important tip: Always eat them fresh, never let them warm up outside the fridge! The combination of heat, raw fish, garlic and olive oil could be dangerous for your health!


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05/17/2008 · 14:37 h by Jen of A2eatwrite

I love anchovies and these look wonderful. I don’t think I can get them super fresh in Michigan, though. ;-(

05/17/2008 · 14:52 h by We Are Never Full

oh nuria… you’re the second spanish food blog i read to feature this lovely, beautiful fish. I was thinking to myself, it must be anchovy season, and you firmed that up.

you have no idea how much envy jonny and i have for you sometimes. It often pains us in a good way to see your awesome blog. we just want to be in spain. we’re watching jose andres show on tv right now and i’m writing this comment to you. why do we do this to ourselves? pleasure is pain, i guess!

have a great weekend.

05/17/2008 · 14:56 h by Mariana Kavroulaki

Hi Nuria,
What a tasty tapa!
Marinated anchovies is also a typical Greek islander meze. The flavor is stronger because anchovies are left in a vinegar bath overnight. I like the parsley idea, we usually use oregano or rosemary.
Thanks for your wonderful blog.

05/17/2008 · 15:16 h by Helen

Wow! I love anchovies and this looks like such an easy recipe to make, I’m definitely going to try it if I can get hold of some fresh anchovies.

05/17/2008 · 16:47 h by Ivy

Yummy, yummy, yummy!!!!

05/17/2008 · 17:30 h by Núria

I wish I could send you a jar, Jen! And some Rioja too :D

Amy and Jonny: I don’t know what to say…. N.Y. is a great, wonderful, fantastic place to live too!!!!! Surely you have great food and recipes and suntuous restaurants there too :D The only thing I can do is tell you that you’ll be superwelcome to my house whenever you come back to Barcelona and in the meantime if you want something from here, just ask! I’ll be glad to have a package exchange with you :D :D :D

Welcome to Spanish Recipes Mariana and thanks for your kind words! I’ll visit your blog too to see what’s cooking there ;-)

Hola Helen! It is very easy and if you like anchovies you are going to love this one!

He, he, Ivy! Seems that both of us have anchovies in the fridge!!!

05/17/2008 · 17:56 h by Bellini Valli

Nuria, both you and Ivy are tempting us with little fish this week. I can’t think of any small fish that we have in our lakes here so maybe it is time to do some travelling:D

05/17/2008 · 18:18 h by Heather

That is such a good idea! We can’t get fresh anchovies here, though. :( I’ll just eat some tinned anchovies and think of you instead.

05/17/2008 · 19:19 h by katiez

Another thing I miss about Spain…. Maybe we should just move to Spain!
We never see anchovies here.

05/17/2008 · 21:44 h by Peter G

Simple, tasty and very easy. This method is great and it ensures the anchovies remain fresh with a little zing. Bravo Nuria!

05/17/2008 · 22:28 h by glamah16

If only I could find fresh anchovies! I love them. And if I could do this….! Great entry.

05/18/2008 · 6:09 h by Pixie

Nuria, sweetie, I absolutely love anchovies and this is such a wonderful contribution for the event! Gracias ;) Nuria!

05/18/2008 · 6:10 h by Pixie

Oh and sweetie, I adore your photo of the jarred anchovies- I hope it will be alright with you if I choose that one for the event. If not, it’s fine with me. :)


05/18/2008 · 9:24 h by Núria

He, he, yes I know Val! What a coincidence :D. You should be coming over to Europe!!!!! And eat either Ivy’s or Nuria’s anchovies :D :D :D

05/18/2008 · 9:29 h by Núria

How sweet of you Heather… does my cartoon face make you think of an anchovie? ;-) Stupid joke!!! I wish I could send you some♥

Katie, I’m sure you would find a nice masia in Ampurdà similar to what you have in France but closer to the beach and with mild winters… Isn’t it tempting?

Thanks querido Peter :D. I love them this way!

Thanks Courtney :D I wish I could send you some too♥

Thanks Pixie! No problem, use the photo you like the best!!! Hope all is well with you♥

05/18/2008 · 11:26 h by Deborah Dowd

I am not sure that I can find fresh sardines, but these look great and I am a recent convert!

05/18/2008 · 19:53 h by giz

I’m not sure I’d eat them but honestly they look gorgeous and I’d love a picture of them just to hang in my kitchen.

05/19/2008 · 10:46 h by Peter M

Nuria, as you’ve gathered, us Greeks marinate anchovies too and I can’t wait to make my own batch when I’m in Greece this summer.

For those wary of anchovies, DO NOT think that these are anything like the salty Italian anchovy, the salt is much less and the tart vinegar is mellow. You’ll be missing out on a wonderful meze or tapas.

05/19/2008 · 13:50 h by Núria

Hola querido Peter! I love the salty ones too! On a piece of bread with tomaquet on top is one of the best things on earth! We do this kind of preserve here in the north of Catalonia and in the Cantabric sea also and don’t know about the italians… but these ones are sooooooo good!

05/20/2008 · 12:10 h by canarygirl

Uuuuuffff! Ok, Núria. This is one of my FAVORITE tapas ever. Thank you so much for posting the recipe! I can’t wait to make them for myself!!! :) MUAC!

05/20/2008 · 13:11 h by Núria

Hola Guapa! Espero que las disfruteis!!!! :D

05/21/2008 · 10:06 h by Rosie

What a beautiful photo and preserve!! Many thanks for taking part in this event – Rosie

05/21/2008 · 10:54 h by Núria

No problem Rosie :D I loved to participate!!! Thanks for your words!

05/23/2008 · 13:43 h by Pixie

Hiya sweetie, just wanted to say thank you again and the round up is now up.

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