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ALIMENTARIA – Intercarn and Restaurama

Imagine you are an ant and you slowly raise your head and look up and see the huge jungle…
Imagine you are a nun or a priest and you suddenly open your eyes inside the Notre Dame Cathedral…
Imagine you are a young tourist and you are in the middle of Manhattan surrounded by skyscrapers…
And now imagine you are a foodie and you land in Alimentaria 08!

My back still aches! I spent 5 hours walking through the stands and corridors, watching, smelling, photographing, listening and tasting all kinds of food: from the sweetest treats and ice creams and chocolates to the tastiest Iberian Acorn hams, funny pizzas and snacks!

Ham violins ready to be “played”!!!

Finally a pizza that you can eat while you walk! Coneinn

Or maybe you are in the mood for a traditional dish but don’t know how to cook it? Try with Just Married!

Are you just married? Have you ever fried an egg? Do you know the difference between boil and simmer? Here you have a typical Catalan dish ready for you to eat: Black Rice, just follow simple instructions and enjoy! Just Married

Isn’t Salt important in foodies life? In old times, salt used to be an important and valuable exchange possession. Casanovas Healthy Gastronomy cares for good cuisine and shows us different ways of treating the best of the salts from Delta del Ebro, a Natural Reserve.

Time for a break: coffees, sweets, cakes, salty snacks, beautiful coffee cups… but the genius of the chocolate, the most admirable cacao sculptor is Oriol Balaguer. He is not only a plastic and design artist but also a palate master!!! Couldn’t get a good picture because his creations were inside a glass showcase and the reflection of the light spoiled the picture, but please chocolate addicts, go and see his webpage… He is a Chocolate Magician!!! He used to work with Ferran Adrià in El Bulli, in charge of the famous restarant’s desserts and now he owns his own company. Hereunder one of his last creations: Planetarium.

This is only a small taste… but there will be some more in my next post. I also attended to a conference given by Ferran Adrià and his second Chef at Bulli’s. It’s a priviledge to be near him. He has given Catalan cuissine a world wide 1st place!!!


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03/13/2008 · 12:21 h by amy

This post is great! How FUN… wish I could’ve gone! I’m sure you can imagine the feelings that were evoked when I saw that picture of the ‘wall of jamon’!!! I would’ve spent 5 hours or more there as well! Delicious. Oh and that cone pizza looks absolutely foul!!! Pizza’s already something you can walk around with. It’s the ultimate portable meal -you do NOT (and SHOULD NOT) need it in cone form!! Just fold it as you walk – that’s how the New Yorker’s do it! – amy @

03/13/2008 · 12:57 h by Bellini Valli

I’ll look forward to peaking into more of the event over the next few days Nuria:D

03/13/2008 · 23:39 h by Peter G

Wow! What an event Nuria…you sound like Alice in Wonderland. Can’t wait to read more…

03/14/2008 · 2:29 h by glamah16

What a great event. Your so lucky. I get to attend my first Fancy Food Show this year and I cant wait.

03/14/2008 · 7:51 h by Núria

Hola Amy! YOu really fell in love with the Iberian Ham… That wall of hams was just a small portion of what was shown there!!! You would have fainted, the smell was so strong!!!!
New York is always 5 years ahead of us or so… The thing is that here people don’t eat on the streets as we see you do in the States or other European countries, that’s why I thought this was a great invention!!! But I like your idea! I can pretend I’m a New Yorker when I roll my pizza and walk the streets :D :D

Hola Val! I’m all set today for a complete walkingday!!! I’ll be back with you during the weekend or on monday. Just hope it is worth! Thanks for being there!!! :D

Peter, that was a Wonderful:D comparison!!!! Yes, I felt like Alice in Wonderland Ja, ja!!! I’m going back there today and hope to find the white rabbit!!!

Hey Glamah, that’s great news, I’ll love to read about your Fancy Food Show!!!!

03/14/2008 · 8:17 h by Mallory Elise

sweeeeeeet pizza cone…..wish i could eat wheat!!!

Barcelona is coming to visit me this weekend, I told her to bring some ham!


03/14/2008 · 15:59 h by Judy @ No Fear Entertaining

I can’t wait to see the rest of the pictures!!!

03/14/2008 · 16:21 h by Núria

Hola Mallory! I hope you visit Oriol Balaguer’s link!!! Too bad I didn’t know about him when you asked me about chocolate!!! Enjoy your ham :D

Hi Judy, welcome!!! I hope I won’t deceive you… Today I walked for hours again and saw some interesting things too! Hope to post during the weekend. Thanks for your confidence :D

03/15/2008 · 15:04 h by Ivy

Hi Nuria. How lucky you are to attend such an interesting exhibition. We are waiting to see some more.

03/15/2008 · 22:41 h by Anonymous

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See you there.


03/16/2008 · 8:41 h by Laurie Constantino

Hey Nuria, the show sounds like so much fun – sort of like disneyland for a food junkie but better. Thank you for sharing it with us!

03/16/2008 · 9:16 h by Núria

Hola Ivy. Thanks for your words, hopefully I’m posting today again about it…. There are some Cyprus and Greek “things” to tell ;-)

Hey Laurie!!! I thought you were lost in the wilderness… such long time without hearing from you and stucked to the roasted peppers!!! :D So glad to see you back ♥

03/16/2008 · 20:31 h by katiez

Hola Guapa!
I’m so jealous… I’ve always wanted to attend. It looks wonderful. I’ll keep reading and be there vicariously!

03/17/2008 · 8:43 h by Núria

Hola Katie! I’ll hopefully be here in two years (that’s when it takes place again) why don’t you plan a trip to Barcelona with that purpose? You are like Willie Fog… travelling so much, and it would be so much fun!!!! :D

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