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Bouillabaisse – Bullabesa. The Queen of the French Soups

Come along with me, take my hand and have a deep breath... we are by the sea, feel the breeze in your hair and that particular salty smell... today's dish is Buouillabaisse, one of the richest fish soups ever.Original from Marseille, this soup started as a ...


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Ham Flavoured Sardines in a Red Strawberry Sea

Special dressing: Strawberry fields forever ♫Aren't the colours beautiful? When I saw this recipe on TV3... I knew I would try it at home! I've been waiting for nearly 3 weeks to do it because the original fish used in the recipe was Red Mullet but ...


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Artichoke’s soup with bacon and iberian acorn ham

Special dressing: some artichoke's music...This is not a Xmas traditional dish, you will notice that at first sight... but, we all agree that during Xmas celebrations, here in Spain, I don't know the rest of the world, we drink quite a lot! And I'm not ...


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A good warm Soup

Special dressing: The commitments. (turn player on)I don't know what's going on this fall... It's sooo cold here already! Usually, we have higher temperatures by this time of the year but it's like Christmas!!! I feel like being home and having a good soup to warm ...


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I’m Black, I’m Black

Special dressing: Michael Jackson (turn the player on)Just wanted to make a silly joke on the Black Rice and the music "I'm bad" since it sounds so similar I felt like playing with the words. ;-)I've seen a lot of people interested in the former Black ...


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•Ingredients: 1 red pepper, 1 green pepper, 1 onion, 1 or two garlic cloves (depending on how hot you want it) 1 cucumber, 1 Kg. of tomatoes.•Half glass of olive oil•¼ of a glass of vinegar•1 glass of cold water and some salt•Some dry bread from 4 ...

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