Sweedish study says that Antioxidants

… could accelerate lung Cancers progression!

Really? All these years we’ve been thinking that fruits and vegetables, specially those with A, C and E vitamins were great to avoid cancer due to the Antioxidant power they had… Well, now it seems that studies made by Sweedish doctors on mice prove that a large amount of Antioxidants intake could do the opposite effect! They seem to deactivate p53 protein to cause tumor progression. Get here a link to the professional article.


Remember when they said that sardines were no good and after some years, doctors discovered blue fish in general was the right thing to have to help get rid of cholesterol? Well, what are we supposed to eat now?

I think I will stick to my life philosophy: eat a bit of everything, variated food, local, seasonal, ecological if possible and I’ll keep the fruits and veggies income. Why? Because common sense tells me so! Take these wonderful seasonal strawberries as an example: just wash them, cut the greens, cut in pieces, place inside a bowl, pour a dash of vinegar, some sugar on top, stir and keep in the fridge. Eat after they have sweated all the juices.

The cup, the plate and the spoon are courtesy of Inhala, my favorite tea and coffee shop ever!

Que aproveche :D



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04/04/2014 · 10:54 h by Inhala

Nuria, many thanks for sharing your post, and for your nice words ! Big big hugs, Núria & Dolors.

04/07/2014 · 9:07 h by Núria Farregut

Thank you Núria and Dolors :D My pleasure!

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