Reserva Iberica: the new shop in Barcelona! Get your Ham here!

Reserva Ibérica has opened a new shop in Barcelona! Right in the corner of Rambla de Catalunya and Aragó: one of the best spots of the city, right in the heart :D. Those of you who know me, may have an idea of how much I like ham… a good Iberian acorn ham; well, I could say that from now on, if you cannot find me in my kitchen or in front of the computer… you might find me here!

When you enter the Charcuterie the scent of the hams and cheeses will evolve you, the owner: Manel will give you some advise on your final choice. He is the one that makes the place beat. No wonder he is called the hams’ tuner. Check out the interview at La Vanguardia.

If you are a Ham lover, if you don’t know where to find the best ham, if you are a sybarite, if you visit Barcelona and want to take back home the best souvenir, if you are hungry, if you are looking for a new palate experience, if you want to have a ham tapa with a good wine or a beer… You found your place!

So, if you are a newcomer or a tourist and you are visiting the Gaudí buildings at Paseo de Gracia, or you are crazy about Tapies art, or you are simply wandering up and down Rambla Catalunya, you will probably bump into Reserva Iberica. It’s a fate’s wink… don’t miss your chance ;D.

And I must leave now… my breakfast is waiting for me ;D. ¡Buen provecho! and see you at the next post.

Reserva Ibérica
Rambla Catalunya nº 61
Telephone 902112641


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03/27/2013 · 11:14 h by

Is this the same owner of the place you took us to in Barcelona. I can still remember the beautiful times we spent together…How I miss you and Barcelona!

03/27/2013 · 18:10 h by Núria

Siiiiii, yes it’s the same owner and yes… I do remember the beautiful times we spent together :-). I miss you too querida! Take care!

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