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Iberian Acorn Ham

Here is the King of the Spanish tables, the most desired, the tastiest, the exclusive, the only one… Ladies and Gentlemen… The Iberian Acorn Ham!!!

This extraordinary and special Ham deserves its own post, just like this, nude, alone, without sauces, without salads… its only presence is enough to have one of the best pleasures in life… only if you can eat it after ;-). The Iberian acorn ham it’s exclusive from Spain. Iberian hogs are born, fed and raised in the south and northwest Spain (See it in the map). These facts, among others like the environmental and the acorn diet, make these hogs breed so special, their ham so tasteful and the recipes so exquisite!!!

Since I first tried it, many years ago, I am addicted to eat/it!!!
If you ever come to Spain and want to buy some in a specialised shop or buy it through Internet, you should ask for the advice of an expertise or go to a recommended grocer’s/gourmet shop because you might disagree in the quality/price you pay.

I’ve been buying… and eating Iberian acorn ham for 15 years and I have always got the best quality, a good price and a very nice treatment in the same family shop. This family grocer’s shop it’s been running their business for 30 years now and it has never dissapointed me. Their shop is located in Barcelona in a very centric area nearby Rambla Catalunya (Reserva Iberica, Aragó, 242) and I must say they have the best ham in the world and they are the best in the art of slicing it! They also own a shop in the Boqueria Market (the famous Ramblas Market).

Visit their website Reserva Ibérica or drop by their shop at Aragó street and if you want to buy any of their products and you say you’ve known about them through this site, Spanish Recipes and say my name Núria, you will get a discount in the shop and a wine taste. For those of you who would like to buy through internet, say you’ve known them through this site + my name and together with your purchase you will get a present.

I do hope you try it, life is in black and white until you do!!!


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12/01/2007 · 11:14 h by Peter M

Nuria, are you telling me this is even better than Serrano ham?

I have to ask the chef at the Tapas bar here if we have a supplier of acorn ham in Toronto…I must try it!

12/02/2007 · 16:11 h by Núria

Hola Peter! Serrano ham means that the ham has been cured in “La Sierra” which means the place where it has been cured (special atmosferic/humidity/dryness conditions).
And Iberian Acorn ham is the diet the hogs follow during their life.
The combination of both is… Perfection!
I don’t know if you can get it in Canada… maybe there’s export “problems” with pork products???

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