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Barcelona Restaurants Recomendation

Mallory from the Salty Cod is coming over from Paris to Barcelona in February and she asked me for some restaurant recomendations and I thought of making a post out of it. The list will include City restaurants: old, classic, new, with michelin star, cozy, not that known, with basque food, catalan food and other region’s food. Also, I will add their web so that you can get more info if you wish. My personal experience and their situation.

Let’s start with a classic:

Restaurant 7 Portes

The restaurant is located in a national monument building, near the harbour and downtown. The stablishment opened in 1836 and its atmosphere and dishes are excelent! The paella is a must here!

No web address. Barcelona, Industria, 79. Tel. 93 207 6115

This restaurant is located very near Sagrada Familia and has 1 michelin star. The dishes are very creative and inspired in the catalan cuisine. Very good choice!

Casa Jordi

Located in the upper side of the city, in a good shooping area. The restaurant looks like an old catalan country house (masia) and it offers really good food for a good price!

La Dolceta
No web address. Barcelona, Urgell, 266. Tel. 93 321 8351.

In the same area as Casa Jordi. It has a catalan cuisine with old traditional dishes from Lleida: Typical Snails, Trinxat, and more. Good quality price relation.

Comerç 24

In one of the fashion City areas: El born, old neighbourhood with night life, bars and one of the most beautiful churches of the city: Sta. Maria del Mar. If you go there, leave your mind open to new experiences, the food is absolutely gourgeous. Aidan Brooks, trainee chef, one of my links (foodiebloggers I’d share a coffee with) is working now there! He’ll be happy to see you there for sure!


Very near the Sagrada Familia too. One of the best restaurants with Navarre and Basque cuisine. Or the best! Wonderful dishes: cochinillo, pochas de sangüesa and rape a la donostiarra. Not cheap but worth the price.


This restaurant is located in the Hotel Omm, very near Paseo de Gracia (one of the main shopping areas of the city) and Gaudi buildings.The restaurant plays with wines and meals’ marriage, it has magnific and innovative cuisine and the restaurant atmosphere is very nice.

Torre de Alta Mar

From this restaurant you will get one of the best views of the city. It’s located on top of a harbour tower and some windy days it shakes a bit, which makes the experience more exciting… The food is excellent, a good place to try one of their rices.

In our family, there’s a tradition: every birthday lunch is spent in a good restaurant. This has been going on since my husband and I met and it has enriched us so. Now in January it’s my husband’s birthday and February is mine… I can’t wait to see what we come up with!!!
Here I have mentioned a few restaurants, but more will come soon!


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01/14/2008 · 1:28 h by Bellini Valli

I wish I were headed to Barcelona to try some of these fantastic restaurants!!

01/14/2008 · 5:55 h by Mallory Elise

Ahk! You are amazing!!! gracias!! beaucoup! I can’t wait to come! but how will I choose! I only have three days! I am excited about Catalan cuisine. Torre de Alta Mar, Casa Jordi, or Restaurant 7 Portes! all!


01/14/2008 · 8:09 h by Núria

Maybe one day you will, Val!!!! I would love to meet you… and have a Paella and some good wine together by the sea, what about that?

01/14/2008 · 8:11 h by Núria

Hola Mallory! No problem, I had a good time making the list and remembering our birthdays in these restaurants.
Things will get worse for you, je je je, because I plan to post some more and they are really good too… maybe you have to make 2 trips to Barcelona!!!!

01/14/2008 · 19:55 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

This sounds so good Nuria! I wish I could book a trip right now!!

01/14/2008 · 20:11 h by Núria

I also wish I could see your face in person, Jenn!!!

01/14/2008 · 20:19 h by katiez

Someday I’m going to go through my “stuff” and tell you MY favorite Barcelona restaurants…
Then I’m going to come to Barcelona to try yours!
Love the new look!

01/15/2008 · 8:03 h by Núria

Thank you Katie!
That would be great!!!! I would love to know which ones are your favorites! And I would love to meet you having a Paella or any other good meal!!!!!

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