Barcelona Restaurants

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UMA Restaurant

As Louis Armstrong would say... Heaven, I'm in Heaven... Yes, that's the feeling you get when you enter UMA Restaurant in Barcelona! Let me tell you everything about it :-). Uma is a small Restaurant, there's only space for 12 people. The decoration is ...




Cocomo Restaurant

What do you expect from a Restaurant when you walk in? I expect a high quality food spread... that's the first thing always! I also appreciate a nice, not noisy environment, easy and centered location, fair prices, kind and professional waiters... Well, Cocomo Restaurant in Barcelona not only ...





Just a bunch of pictures I recently did of my City: Barcelona. I'm calling this collection: Beach and benches. Being a tourist and walking the city up and down is so rewarding! You get to catch moments and people like these… Enjoy the tour!...

Espai Kru



Espai Kru Barcelona

When food becomes a beautiful sculpture, when flavor saturates your senses, when after each bite you feel the urge to get up and clap… you are in Espai Kru, Barcelona. First times are always special, right? It wasn't my first time ...



Norma, Núria and Barcelona

Like Vicky, Cristina y Barcelona... but without Woody Allen... my dear blogger friend Norma from Platanos, Mangoes and Me, flew from N.Y. to Barcelona and we met in person for the first time on May 15th. We connected immediately and we had ...


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Happy Birthday to me!!!

Special dressing: Hairspray (turn player on)Today is my birthday and the kitchen is a forbiden area! We are off for new Gastronomic experiences to a Restaurant that has 1 michelin star: Drolma, the restaurant of the Hotel Majestic in Barcelona, with Fermí Puig as chef director. We were looking ...


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Barcelona Restaurants Recomendation

Mallory from the Salty Cod is coming over from Paris to Barcelona in February and she asked me for some restaurant recomendations and I thought of making a post out of it. The list will include City restaurants: old, classic, new, with michelin star, cozy, not that known, with ...

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