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Restaurant Bravo 24 Barcelona

Sometimes my husband still surprises me :D. Guess where we went for lunch? At the W Barcelona Hotel’s Restaurant: Bravo 24. An awesome experience… we played the tourist role… admired the City views, tasted the flavours of the sea, had a wonderful lunch! So, I highly recommend you to go to Restaurant Bravo 24 Barcelona if you are visiting the city or if you live in Barcelona.

view bravo24

This is the view you will get from the terrace’s restaurant! Some clients of the hotel resting in the hammocks and behind that, the city skyline with the crowded beaches. If you make yourself a gift with a lunch at Bravo 24 like we did, then my recommendation, after you leave the hotel, is a walk through the Passeig marítim (Promenade) until you reach the two towers. You will get to see Barceloneta neighborhood and the beginning of the Olimpic Village.

And these are some of the courses we had for lunch… absolutely delicious!

bunyols de bacalla

Some tapas to start with: Cod fritters with honey and lemon

calamars a la romana

Coated beach squid with saffron

guatlles en escabetxQuails in a carrots’ pickle

arros d'espardenyes

And the king of the courses: The Sea cucumbers‘ rice… such a delish!!! Thank god I didn’t look at the pictures of the sea cucumbers before eating the rice… their name can suggest they are a vegetable… but nope! They are some kind of sea worm…Aggghhhr. Anyway, whatever their aspect, once they are cooked and in good company (rice) they are a delicatessen!!!

Don’t miss the opportunity of visiting the restaurant, the Chef :D Carles Abellán worked for more than 14 years with Ferran Adrià; however, he is a reference himself in the Catalan cuisine world.

Food pictures taken with my IPhone and Polamatic App.


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