Alubias pintas con Arroz y Pimientos del padrón – Beans & Rice & some Hot Peppers

I love it when, like in this dish, one recipe can be shown in different ways: A classic view, a modern view and a transformed view… and you may think… what is she talking about?
I’m talking about presenting a dish, making it nice to the sight, wanting to have a bite on it before you smell it.
Don’t you think that appetite comes through the eyes first? See? I never smelled Ricky Martin but I can tell you that my eyes don’t fool me ;D. I’m sure he tastes super… I could eat him bite by bite with or without patatas fritas… he, he, just kidding…. or not!
Alubias, judias, beans, they all have a humble past; but, if you care a bit for their aspect, see what you can end up with :D. Isn’t it worth to try? Won’t your family or guests appreciate it? I’m sure they will!
Here you have the cheapest dish with a fantastic look! And if you buy the beans dry and boil them yourself, then it will be even cheaper.
Take a look at these tips before you boil your beans.

I’m sending my Beans over to Lori Lynn as she is being the Hostess this month for My Legume Love Affair in its 11th edition. The MLLA is Susan’s brainchild from The well-seasoned Cook. You can still send your recipes until May 31st, come and join!

I could also send this dish to The LeftoverQueen to this month’s Joust because it has the 3 ingredients: Pancetta or Bacon, Tomatoes and Rice… but I will not send it this time. I’m sure I can make a different dish with this same ingredients! What about you? Come and participate it’s fun!

This was my choice of ingredients… yes, you heard well… I WON THIS PAST MONTH’S JOUST!!! As soon as I get my brand new apron and mug I will post about it with pictures :D. Come join the contest, there’s lots of prizes and you will have a great time!!! Thanks again to those of you who voted for my Piquillo’s Cod Brandade over Parsley Sauce. I appreciate it soooooo!

And now to the recipe.

To set the Modern Beans dish: Use a mold and put the beans inside when they are getting colder. Once cold, push the mold a bit up and pour some rice in it. Take the mold and place the peppers with some maldon salt on top.

To set the Classic Beans dish: Just place the beans in an earthenware dish and set the rice and peppers aside.

To set the Transformed Beans dish: Discard all the pancetta strips, use a food processor to get a fine texture out of the beans and add some of the beans stock we had reserved to achieve the texture you like most. Pour some rice on top and the fried peppers.


Ingredients for 4 servings: 500 grs of pink/purple kidney beans, 1 ham bone, 1 season onion. 150 grs of cured pancetta, 4 ripe tomatoes, 1 big onion, 4 garlic cloves, salt, water and olive oil. Some rice and 12-16 Pimientos del Padrón (hot green peppers).

  • The night before put the beans in a recipient with fresh water doubling their volume.
  • Next morning, strain and wash the beans under tap water and place inside a big casserole or sauce pan. Pour cold water on top and double their volume. Add the season onion peeled and cut in 4 and the bone ham. Place over the heat and wait until they start boiling. Take the foam away. Turn the heat to the lowest possible and throw a bit of cold water in to "frighten" the beans. Every time the simmering gets too "happy" throw a bit of cold water in. Simmer for 2 hours or 2 1/2 hours. The time can vary depending on many factors. Try them to be sure they are tender. Let them cool down in the cooking recipient.
  • While the beans are cooking get the Sofrito ready: In a frying pan pour some olive oil, just 4 table spoons or so. When it heats, add the pancetta cut in wide strips. When golden reserve in a plate.
  • Use the same frying pan with the remaining oil and saute the onion (cut in small dices), when transparent add the chopped garlic and after 1 or two minutes the grated tomatoe (discard the peel). Cook the sofrito until the tomatoe looses all its water and it becomes thicker. Add some salt and the pancetta back to the frying pan. Stir for 2 or 3 minutes at low heat and reserve.
  • With the help of a dipper take all the stock water (from boiling the beans) that we don't need and reserve.
  • Add the sofrito to the beans casserole and simmer for 5 more minutes. Don't use a wooden spoon to stir, just shake the casserole or the beans will break.
  • Taste and add more salt if necessary. Ready to eat. If you have it for dinner it will taste much better :D.
  • Fry in low heat the small green peppers and pour some maldon salt on top. These little peppers are famous because some of them might be hot and some not... good luck!
  • Boil some rice in salty water and have it ready when the dish is finished.


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05/08/2009 · 13:54 h by Cate O'Malley

Love the modern picture – so simple, yet so exquisite.

05/08/2009 · 15:42 h by Peter G

Congratulations on your win Nuria! Estas bien mi chica! I had to laugh about your Ricky Martin comment! As for the dish, I think it’s a wonderful modern presentation. And I am loving your photos too!

05/08/2009 · 16:49 h by Marta

Enhorabuena por esa victoria!!!!
Me encantas los granos, especialmente los bortolli que presentas aqui. Estoy fascinada con tu creatividad de presentaciones, se ven deliciosos los tres platillos. que hambre tengo!
Un fuerte abrazo!

05/08/2009 · 18:45 h by Rachel

Congratulations on your win, Nuria. I always love your Joust entries and enthusiastic writing, not to mention the toothsome photos. Those pepper photos were hot, hot, hot!

05/08/2009 · 19:52 h by JennDZ - The Leftover Queen

This is my kind of food Nuria! I really love what you did with these simple ingredients! I think you should still put this on the Joust thread anyway! If you don’t want to officially enter, you can still inspire others! :)

Can’t wait to see you with your prizes!

05/08/2009 · 19:59 h by Lori Lynn

Wow Nuria! This is fantastic. You are so creative, I love the three presentations. Thank you for particpating in MLLA!
Lori Lynn

P.S. Congrats on the Joust! Cool!

05/08/2009 · 22:38 h by Joan Nova

Save the ‘modern’ version for me! And I love those peppers. i ate a ton of them when I was in Barcelona last year.

05/09/2009 · 4:10 h by Ivy

Congratulations Nuria. I was really happy that you won when I read it on Jenn’s site. They do say that you feast with your eyes but I am old fashioned, I would prefer the classic beans dish and Julio :)

05/10/2009 · 7:18 h by katiez

I love beans… All ways. But those sneaky little Pimientos del Padron… Too hot for me if I get unlucky…

05/11/2009 · 0:23 h by Emily

Wow! Beautiful presentation! I love beans.

05/11/2009 · 4:01 h by Bren

felicidades on winning! i swear i need to enter one of the jousts! beans are best when dry, as you know… but every now and then I’ll cheat and go for the can!

05/11/2009 · 7:32 h by Mercè

Núria, ets una passada!! Un mateix plat presentat de 3 formes diferents i totes impressionants!! :)

05/11/2009 · 14:06 h by Dharm

Congrats on the Joust win Nuria! Great ingredient choice and this picture looks just fabulous!!!

05/11/2009 · 20:42 h by Janet @Gourmet Traveller88

Love the presentations, all of them! Very well done!

05/11/2009 · 21:13 h by bee

i was once in an elevator with ricky martin. yeah, he smells good. but your dish smells better, i know.

05/12/2009 · 11:19 h by Ben

Lovely, lovely, lovely! First of all, congratulations for winning the Joust. You always come up with the best recipes! :-p And second, these dishes look amazing! The three different presentations are amazing! And Ricky Martin with patatas fritas? Yummy, LOL

05/12/2009 · 17:00 h by oneshotbeyond

Your presentation of the beans & rice with the chilis on top is extremely beautiful-hope you realize that is some fabulous food styling!

05/14/2009 · 11:32 h by Darius T. Williams

Wow – this looks like some really good eating! I’m loving the visual presentation on this too!

05/16/2009 · 0:04 h by Maria

Definitely a great dish Nuria … any way you serve it. It all looks delicious.

Congrats on your Royal Foodie Joust win! I knew you had a winning dish the second I laid eyes on it — I wish I would have been able to lay my fork on it too ;)

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